Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crazy things!

Ellie and I were talking about things that we did with our horses on our long ride (check out, the one thing we were talking about was, when we were going through Kalispell leading our horses we came to a stop light. We were behind the guard rail, so we led the horses around the inside of the gaurd rail and ran, weaving through the cars, all the time hoping to get to the other side before the light turned green. I would NEVER do that, before or after our ride, on foot by myself. But I went and ran my horse through it! Some of the things we did! But when you have no other choice, you have no other choice! ::shivers::

I'll post some pictures Naomi took soon! BTW could you all please pray for her! She has pneumonia again. :-(


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  1. oh, poor girl. Yes, I'll be praying for her!