Friday, January 30, 2009

What should I write here?!

I was reading a facebook interview that Naomi took and got a kick out of one answer she gave.
Q: If you fell off a cliff, what would you do?
A: Enjoy the ride down, and look forward to Heaven!

Yesterday we had a friend over for supper and then he went to church with us too. Martha got me to make supper and I put potatoes in the oven for baked potatoes and then upened up two jars of canned hamburger for hamburger gravy. Even though the potatoes were in the oven for over an hour they were still not all the way cooked. :'-( So we ate almost-all-the-way-cooked potatoes with hamburger gravy on top! It tasted good... You just couldn't mash the potatoes. Oh well.
The sermon was really good!
So that's what has been happening here. Beware when you come over for dinner, inquire if I'm gonna be the one cooking! :-)



  1. I love the Q and A! PERFECT! Yeah, and when I come to visit you someday, I'll be sure to watch out that you don't kill me with your cooking. :)

  2. I can usually cook good meal! But... poor Matthew! He didn't make any comment though! :-)