Friday, February 20, 2009

The FAR, FAR, NORTH, here!!!

Last night when we went to church I found out that we really do live in the 'Far North'! Across the street in someone's back yard there was a cow moose and her calf from last year! Wow!

Today we went and cleaned the church, and while on our way home, us kids were talking about how we tell different people's cars apart. When we came to one friend from Sask who plays the upright bass, I added that he would have a bass in the back seat of his car. Ellie had to come up with something so she says, "So does Ernie Haase!" She had us puzzled there for a while... but finally we got it! LOL!

One time Hannah brought some Hershey chocolate into Naomi's room and after she had given it to her, she said, "If you need more I have half a bag of kisses." Needless to say, that got us laughing!!

Listening to God Give This Child A Good Heart, by Ernie Haase.

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  1. Hahahaha... Lyddy... I've heard all of these with my own ears but I *love* your stories!