Saturday, March 7, 2009

A nice long post!

Well we got back from Manitoba and Saskatchewan yesterday at about 11:00 p.m. We had a GREAT time! Here's bit of a over view of what we did!

We headed out from Bonners Ferry at about 10:30 a.m., we spent the night with our friends (Sorgards) in Alberta. The next morning we left their place at 6:50 a.m., it was -15 C, coming from about 0 C in BF, we got to shivering!
We got to the Plett's place at 9:00 p.m. (MB time). The next morning we met most of the kids, Sheldon (23), Karlen (15), Trehniss (13), Melody (11), Dallas (9), and Marlena, better known as Marlee (6). After breakfast we drove around with Tim (Mr.) looking for a rental.

The next day we met one more of the kids, Galen (17) had come back from a job. Dad went and drove around again, Ellie and I stayed at Plett's. It was kinda fun! That night some people stopped in for the night, we got some good games in that night!

Ellie and I went to school with the kids (Karlen on down) on the 27'th. I have never been in a school when they were teaching school. LOL! So it was a new experience for me! And also for Ellie! Dad and Sheldon came and picked us up before lunch time so we could get back to the house in time for lunch. Then Dad, Ellie, and I went and looked at a place that was forsale. It looked really rough. After that we went over and started unloading the stock trailer. Sheldon, Karlen, and Trehnis showed up and helped. Then we rushed back to Plett's place for supper and then rushed, and I mean really RUSHED, off to Mcgregor to sing at an old folks home. From the Plett household there was five of us, Sheldon, Galen, Karlen, Ellie, and I. We were about twenty minutes late in starting out, but Sheldon made up for it by driving at 130 KMPH (speed limit was 100 KMPH). Most of the time Ellie and I were sitting very tense because half the time Sheldon was looking over Galen's shoulder picking out songs to sing! But we did get there in one piece, and ONLY 10 minutes late! After singing (which lasted about half and hour) we shook hands with the residents there (I think there was 12) and then we went out and talked for a little bit. A very LITTLE bit! It was -24 C, and nobody had coats on! When we all got in the truck and were heading home I asked, "Is everybody shaking?!", and Karlen replied, "The whole truck is shaking!"
Sheldon kept it down to 100 KMPH on the way home, and we talked quite abit more. Once Sheldon asked if the moon and 'that star' were always that close together. we didn't think it was but then Galen said, "I have an explaination! It's kinda a scientific explaination... You're headlights are reflecting off the moon and making it look like there's a star there!"
"Ha, ha, ha. Very funny Galen!" said Karlen.

That night we moved over to Dave and Mary Klassen's place as Plett's were getting company and needed the bedroom space. Klassen's have 3 kids, RoseAnn (5), Gracelyn (3), and Jefferey (5 mo.). We stayed with thdem the rest of our time in MB.

The 30'th was pretty, well I won't say boring, but nothing eventful happened. On the 1'st of March we went to church with them. Then we went to lunch at Frank Plett's (very distant relative of Tim's) and then had supper at Dave Plett's (Frank's parents). That was fun!

On the 2'nd Mary's sister came over and we went skating. Then after lunch we made about 150 donuts! Fun! Dad was gone looking a land. The next day Klassen's went to town for a doctors appoinpment, for Mary. So we went and looked at a house that was for rent.
Dad decided that he didn't want to move to MB, as of hearing some of the regulations they have for building and veichles, so on the 3'rd we headed down to SK and after driving around a bit we showed up on our good friends, Ed and Dolores Pilipow, doorstep! They were surprised but glad we showed up.

On the 5'th Dad called around a bit and finally found a place for us to stay. We are going to be staying at a different friends' place in the extra house. Dave and Bev Hudy, helped us out a lot when we moved to Melville 7 years ago! Now it looks like their starting again!
That night we headed down to Plentywood, MT, and stayed the night with the people that trailered our horses on the long ride, Dale and Cindy Anderson. Their kids, Christian and Grace were glad to see us again!

The next morning we headed home! I as very glad when we got here!

Today, Dad, Mom, Jesse, Martha, and Zeke are taking the horses up to Alberta, where they'll be boarded at the Sorgard's place.

It's been busy, and is only going to get busyier!


  1. Wow! Really busy! Tell me where I can send your letters too. Cuz, I have to write you back, but ya kno......right???

  2. Sounds like you had a very interesting and busy trip Lydia:) Glad that you guy's found a house, and I pray that you have a safe time moving in etc...I know how it is in a large family!! BUSY:)