Monday, June 22, 2009

Some news, finally!

Well, it's taken a while but I'm back. Sorry for not writing in so long. We got moved in totally on the 6th , and that included our six horses and one of our dogs that we had in Melville. The house is fair size, I don't remember the exact sq footage, but it's bigger than the house in Waldron. There's four bedrooms and one room that's attached that Naomi, Ellie, and Martha are sharing. Dad and Mom have a room, Ruth, Cilla, and Sara are sharing a room, as are Hannah and I. Then the boys have the other room. We have the garden all planted and have put in a few flowers. I was able to dig a little spot for my sweet peas, so I'm happy! :-) There's lilacs here too! They're just starting to bloom! I think Sweet peas and Lilacs are my favourite flowers! :-)

Some of us kids have been riding almost every morning and afternoon since we got here. I've been riding Coyote, Dad's black gelding. He's an alright horse, and riding around 16 miles a day has given him a better attitude. He is a very herd bound horse, and the first time we were going out for a walk/ride up here I made the 'mistake' of getting him away from the other horses and he was going crazy. So I tried working him, he wasn't listening to me at all. Well sometimes he paid attention to me, like when he reared and struck out and when he ran past me and lashed out at me. Scared me for sure! I knew I probably could train it out of him, but I don't really want to put a lot of time into him and get attached to him, and train him to be soft and responsive, then to see it all go to nothing with someone else riding him and probably letting him get away with about everything. I don't really know how to explain it really. I guess I now know why Parelli's train people not just horses. You hate to train a horse and then see it all go down the drain. I can break colts and not have problem with it, because you're just getting them used to a saddle and rider and everything that goes with that. You're not developing a deep personal relationship with them. But Coyote seems to be improving with just strait riding. So I'm not going to do any deep work with him, unless I decide to buy him and make him into one of my main horses. :-) I haven't considered that one very long, I don't know if Dad would sell him. I'm looking for an Arabian, or and Arabian cross. The neighbour has three Arabs but I haven't talked to the girl to see if she would sell one. But I do have a couple of horses that I'll be able to ride. One family that we met at church has a three year old QH filly that is broke but needs miles. And another person has a colt he might want me to break next year. Plus our pastor and near neighbour, Brad, has some Belgians that he said I could ride (actually I'd have to break them first) so.... :-) I have enough to keep me busy for a little while.

On the the 14th we went to Ketchen lake for church. It was good! This Sunday (the 21st) we went to the church service in Endeavour (same people as at the lake, they usually meet in Endeavour). After church Brad was telling us a story. And trust me, when Brad tells a story you want to be there listening! He's a blast! He makes all the sounds and motions and has you just about dying from laughter the whole time! Just for a example, here's part of a story he told us on the 21st, “So I'm chasing the dog, who's chasing the llama, who's chasing the sheep, who are getting trampled by the horses! And I'm thinking, as I'm running after the dog, this ISN'T good!” He's a great story teller! :-)

Well on the 29th we should be heading down to WA for Grandpa and Grandma Holter's 50th wedding anniversary. We'll probably be gone for a week. Naomi, Hannah, Ellie, I, and Martha are singing/playing a half hour program for it. And our contrabution to the dinner is homemade icecream! Mmmmm!

On the 17th of August us four oldest girls are, Lord willing, going to the one and only, Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party! We are going on week two, 18-22. I can hardly wait to see everybody again! When I wrote Michelle (camp director/founder) and signed up, she wrote back to tell me that she had written our name on a bunkhouse and she sounded like she was jumping up and down! :-) I counted the weeks today, 8 weeks and one day! Seems a long time away, but I'm sure it'll be here in no time! Got to get that guitar practiced up! I've been working on the intermmediate versions of Arkansas Traveler and Big Sandy River. Plus I'm working on perfecting the Anniversary Waltz, I'm playing lead on the 'A part' at G&G's anniversary. It's a beautiful waltz! Another waltz I love is The Star Of The County Down. It's so pretty.

So that's the news from the Galloping Guitarist of the Panhandle Roughriders! If you want to contact me through email the 'contact me' button is on the 'about me' page, and my snail mail is, Box 10, Endeavour, SK S0A 0W0 Canada . I love mail, so feel free to write. I'm usually better at replying to my letters than I am at posting on here. :-) Feel free to drop a note on facebook if you want to. That is if you're my friend. :-)

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