Thursday, August 6, 2009

Riding, Riding and More Riding!

July 27th
Oh my! I'm afraid I've gotten behind on my writing. :-( Let me see, what has go on since I wrote?....

We were able to go to Yorkton on the 23rd , I did some work out in the pasture on Coyote on the 25th and after we got home from church on Sunday, Martha and I went riding down to Rockford, and back. It's about 5 miles there from our place.
Church was pretty good on Sunday. It was at camp again, this is the last week of camp. Hannah and I didn't need to help the cooks this week as they only had around 20 kids, instead of the 60 some last week.
It's been raining off and on, and I'm trying to decide if I want to chance it and go and work Coyote in the field on softness. He's getting a lot better. He's starting to 'flex at the poll' (arch his neck, by 'giving' his nose to the rein pressure), at the walk, trot, and canter, and he's getting better in his backing and stopping. In his stopping he's starting to drop his head more and tuck his hindquarters under himself, as opposed to head up and stopping hard on his front end. I'm quite pleased with the results, he catches on quickly. I might consider offering to buy him from Dad. He's eight years old, which is the oldest I've had a horse, but I know if I treated him right he'd last a long time. But then that kinda puts a damper on my plans to get colts this fall, that is unless I find a way to make some money. Money, such a problem in life. :-) I don't know if Dad would want to sell him anyways. I'll have to think it over a lot more and then see what I come up with.
I think Eugene is planning on bringing Blaire (the indian girl he takes care of sometimes) up and having me giving her riding lessons. He was also going to bring up a couple horses for a couple of the other kids to work with. He was going to come either last evening or today, but he hasn't showed yet. We'll what happens. :-)

Well it looks pretty sunny out now. Maybe I should go and work with Coyote. I'll just bring my jacket, and hope it doesn't rain. :-) It prolly will.... ;-P I shouldn't be so pessimistic. :-)
So I guess that's be all for right now.
It's g'day for now. ~Lyddy~

Wednesday the 29th of July.
Behind again! Oops, I forgot to write yesterday. I spent most the morning making lunch. We had steak cooked in the electric skillet, rice, and salad. It was pretty good if I say so myself. :-) Today we're going to have hamburgers.
I, Martha, and Zeke went riding yesterday. We rode over to Covlens to see if she needed us girls to come and weed the flower beds. But when we got over there the flower beds were already weeded and Covlens were gone. So we turned around and came back home. We decided to go around on the 'moose trail', and guess what?! I saw a cow moose and twins right behind her. We decided to go the other way . :-) When we got home we went across the road into the hay field and rode back to the lakes. Then when we were coming back Jesse was cantering across the field towards us. So then we turned back around and went back out to the lakes, and had some fun around the field. When we came home for supper, we just tied the horses up, so we could go riding after supper. But right before supper, Eugene and Blaire showed up with the two mares. So we put the mares in the corrals and went in and had supper. After supper we went riding. Well Jesse, Mart, and Zeke, went riding. I guess I was riding too, just behind the saddle! Blaire was riding in the saddle! :-) I was steering Coyote, and we tried trotting some but that didn't work too well. Once Jesse, Mart, and Zeke started 'shooting' at us, and I said that we were playing cowboys and indians and Blaire asked, “Who's the indian?” I laughed and said, “You!”
After that is was a joke among us, someone's bound to ask, “Who's the indian?!” It was pretty funny. :-)
Signing out for now. ~Lyddy~

Thursday the 6th of August
Talk about not writing and a busy week! I've been giving Blaire lessons every day, excepting Sunday,
since the 29'th of July. So it's get my chores done in the morning and then go riding in the afternoon. I'm very pleased with Blaire's progress on Coyote, she now can walk and trot without anybody helping her, (leading etc.), and I'm hoping that today she can go to a canter without help. As it is I just help a bit by leading Coyote off of 'Grey Girl' (one of the horses that Eugene brought over). Grey Girl is really Martha's project but I'm riding her while Blaire is riding Coyote. Dad wanted me to wait to get 'Sugar' until Blaire leaves as he doesn't think it'll be too wise for me to have two projects going at once, I don't see what would be wrong with it, but what ever. :-) Yesterday Ellie, Jesse, Martha, Zeke, Blaire, and I rode over to the Youngs place as I had to ask Sharron what she wanted me to do with a certain halter rope. As it is, I'll be making another miniature horse halter, and then one full sized halter for her. The other day I made a halter lead rope combo for myself. I figured if I'm going to be working with two horses I'll need two halters. It's just handy to not be stuck with one. :-)

I think Eugene is planning on picking Blaire up today. I don't know if she's going to be coming back for more lessons or not. I guess we'll see. This morning we'll be going to Preeceville, I'm going as I have to get a gift for a friend. :-) Should be fun! Other than I'm not exactly sure what to get her, ever tried birthday shopping for a friend across the continent?! ;-)

Well I don't think I have anything else to write, so g'day for now!


  1. Sounds like you are having fun and staying busy! Love you sis!