Tuesday, September 22, 2009


September 22nd
We have been fairly busy this week, well, at least a lot of stuff has been happening. The biggest thing would be that Naomi got chicken pox. We don't know where she picked it up, but I guess they say that's it's been going around here this summer. We're really hoping that none of the rest of us will get it, the only other ones in our family that have had it are Dad and Mom. So there's still 10 of us that could get it. :-) Thankfully Naomi is feeling better now. She wasn't feeling very good for a couple of days there.
On Sunday after church, which was very good, there was a potluck/wiener roast at Steppan's place. Us kids had a great time playing ultimate frisbee, football, and soccer all at the same time, and then we added 'war' to that after Josh Miller showed up. :-) Poor kid! LOL! We were all laying into him, frisbees, footballs, soccer ball, miniture crabapples, etc. They were aimed in Josh's direction. Nobody got hurt, bad at least. Then we decided to play 'Have You Ever'. It was a good game! None of us kids were afraid to crash into each other, so the game was a good bang up one. :-) LOL! Then we Holters had to go home. Eugene dropped off 'Sam' and 'Killer', his Standardbreds for Ellie and Martha to ride. He had supper (icecream) with us and then took Grey Girl and Cracker home. Right after supper Martha and I went for a quick ride down to the end of our road on Coyote and Sugar. I wanted to get another hours work on her. I have ten rides left to put on her, that is if Millers only want a month on her. She still acts somewhat colty, but what can you expect, she's only three, really she probably only has about a month and a half of riding on her in all. I'm surprised that she hasn't bucked yet, she's threatened to buck but I usually pull her up right quick and then make her run again, and she usually doesn't try it again.
The other day I was riding Coyote, he was full of energy, and he decided to use it to oppose me. We were working in the field beside the house, and I was asking him to walk away from home and away from Kid and Muckers who were out with him. I asked him to pick it up into a trot and in response he reared! That was NOT what I was wanting! :-) I pulled him in a tight circle first to the right then to the right and then I gave him my heels and said, “Now you trot!” He did and he didn't try rearing on me again that day. He is a fun horse to ride, his gaits are amazing! And he is sensitive to my heels, most of the time, the only thing we have to work on is his head. He likes to toss it, and riding with the snaffle he likes to open his mouth a lot. But he's getting a lot better! I'm getting him to back up 'flexed at the poll', and we've started backing in circles. It's fun to ride him but I would like to be riding my own horse. :-) Hopefully I'll be able to get one sometime soon. I'll have to pick up a 'bargain hunter' today in Yorkton. :-) Maybe I should have Eugene pick me up a Standardbred at the Yorkton track. He hangs out there and he seems to have a few connections with the track people. :-) That'll be something to think about. LOL! :-)
I'll leave you on that note. :-)
Singinly yours ~Lydia~

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  1. Thanks for the update, Lydia! I always enjoy popping over here to peep into your life! =)

    "Visit" me sometime....(at my blog, of course....though if you're ever in FL, you're welcome to visit us as well!=)

    Hope Naomi gets to feeling better, and that she doesn't share her germs! =)