Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Music, Borsch, and BEETS!

Septmeber! All our hay is baled, and we're harvesting out of the garden! Today we're making borsch and sourquraut. So I spent the morning washing beets, peeling beets, chopping beets, and chopping cabbage. Borsch takes a LOT of beets. :-) My hands are now stained dark red. :-P But it'll taste good this winter! :-) It's so fun to see the freezer filling up with produce again. Rhubarb, raspberries, and a few packages of peas. Maybe, if we don't have a frost for a loooong time, we'll get some corn. Our garden got in late, so we're not gettting too much off it. Thankfully our neighbour's have given us lots of produce from their gardens.
Today I started learning Sweet Georgia Brown. I had played Gold Rush before and knew it pretty well, I just needed to memorize it. And that didn't take very long. :-) One of the tunes that I practiced today is, Down Yonder. The version I know is a Steve Kaufman version, and it has lots of slides. It's fun to play. :-) I'm listening to the Whistlepigs again. Their so good. :-) It seems funny that we know them. Usually the bluegrass Cds are from people that Dad's parents have heard at a festival in WA, and they send us a Cd. But this time we met the band first, and then told G&G about them. ;-D I like all the Cds from camp, but I think I like the Whistlepig's and Daniel Gervias' best of all. I love the song, The Old Home Place, off Unjugged by the Whistlepigs and my favourite off Daniel's Cd would be Phantom Of The Opry. It has a haunting feel to it that I love.
I'm hoping that we can have Gerald and Marge Dietrich up sometime. Gerry plays guitar, and he sings one song that's called, Old Log Cabin For Sale. It's so pretty. I knew the tune and can play it on the guitar, but I don't know the words. I should learn them, then us girls could learn an arrangement for it. I'm going to try to post some pictures from camp. Hopefully it'll work, Hannah's computer doesn't always like to post pictures.
That's all for now. G'day and keep on keepin' on!

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  1. Nice pictures! You are bringing back some old memories by bringing up Borsch! When we went to Ukraine to adopt the girls we were fed lots of Borsch. It was so different and to a homesick 7 year old girl, not so good. I want to try it again though, I'm sure I would have a very very different opinion!

    Love ya!