Wednesday, December 9, 2009


December 7th
Yesterday our house was FULL! We invited the whole Wolfmueller family over for dinner and then Eugene showed up right in time to eat with us. After lunch we went hunting. While pushing the bush about 6 does and a nice looking buck came right acrossed my path. I was really kicking myself for not bringing my camera. When we were all heading in we saw a doe grazing in the alfalfa field, Sebastien dropped her where she stood with a neck shot. :-) Peter gutted it, and then we went in for a cup of coffee. Or maybe a couple of cups. :-) After that they headed home, but Eugene stayed until around 11:20 p.m. During that time Peter called and told us that we needed to pick up the deer from Endeavour and butcher it. Ben and Adam were planning to stay in Endeavour for another day, and possibly come hunting with us again, but they had a change of plans and decided to go back to Regina last night. So we get the deer. :-) We still have yet to pick it up. But I'm assuming that we'll be cutting it up tomorrow. :-)
Today I worked with Robin. I rode him at a walk, trot, and canter, and after unsaddling him, I worked him on trailer loading. He was NOT going to go into the trailer with me standing outside of it and sending him in. But after about half an hour of circles and changing directions by the trailer he finally had a change of mindset and decided that maybe listening to me wasn't too bad after all. Because I sure made it hard on him when he didn't listen. I did get him to go in several times with me just sending him. It was nice to make a new jump in our training. :-)
Now I believe it's time to make supper, so g'day! ~Lyddy~

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