Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

January 6th
It's a new year! I can't say that's were hitting the new year with happiness, health, and wealth. 8 of us are sick with a cold that has a cough that sticks around for weeks. :-( Wealth was never to be had in the Holter family, but, happiness is usually always around here. That's one thing about having so many people in the house, even if a couple of people aren't happy, there is usually someone around who has a smile on their face. :-)
Naomi was calling around yesterday and was getting some things settled about music camp and the boys and girls camp. It was fun to hear from a couple of our friends there. We might even get to go to the John Arcand Fiddle Fest! Michele will be doing a presentation of Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party, and if we will help with it we will get free passes into the Fiddle Fest. I'm really excited about that because I have wanted to go to it ever since we've started into music. :-) I think everything is getting settled about us girls doing music at the boys and girls camp in July too, so that's nice. :-)
I'm almost done with Robin's training. I think I have 4 more days left. I'm hoping to get him out of here the end of this week. That's a nice thought! :-) No more freezing my hands and feet while riding everyday. :-)
G'day to ya'll. Keep on staying warm until spring comes! :-) ~Lydia~

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