Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well we now have 11 animals of the bovine kind on the place! Ernie (E12 or Ernestine), one of the Dexters, had a black bull calf yesterday about noon. The calf isn't named yet. :-) When he was first born, (we had to pull him, and it was a good hard pull.) we brought him into the house to dry him. He got out of his cardboard box and managed to spread sawdust all over the living room. He looked really cute, laying there on the living room floor, listening to Martha playing the piano, and waiting for his colostrum. :-) After he got dry (it took a couple hours), Dad took him down to the barn where he and Jesse had rigged up a heater for the calf. Our only problem now is that Ernie has no colostrum/milk. :-( She is a second time calver and last year her calf died. The owner thought it was from scours, but maybe it died from starvation. The calf had to drink Vanilla's milk this morning. Hopefully he'll be able to survive on it.
Our next cows to calve should be in March. They are our Hereford cross cows, Sally and Dora. It's going to be fun to be milking again. The rest of our Dexter's and Caresse are due in May. Their calves shouldn't have to come in the house. :-)
Having a early calf is like having a false spring. :-) One comes and you so want to have 50 more to calve out, just not in February. I like calving out on the green grass, not on the snow. :-)

Mr. Banga, better known as 'Father Banga', called yesterday. Everything is falling in line for us girls to be teaching music at the boys and girls camp he runs. I'm so excited about doing music for 2 months pretty much solid! We have a whole month of teaching at the kids camp, 6 days of nothing time, a week of music camp, a couple days of nothing time with one day of the John Arcand Fiddle Fest in there, and then another week of music camp. July can't come too soon for me. :-) The more I think about it, the more I practice my guitar, so that I can be better for my teachers. :-)
This summer is going to be a full one that's for sure!
G'day to ya'll! BTW, check out Steve Kaufman's latest cd, 'Acoustic Stomp' ( It's great! ~Lydia~
note: The calf is named Dudley. Ernie is starting to give a bit more milk, and we're feeding him with Vanilla's milk as well. :-)

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