Monday, October 4, 2010

Giggles are possibly good for the soul??

So today Vicki took me in to Wal-mart and there I met up with a good friend by the name of Bekah. Some of you know her, other don't. Those who don't are missing out on knowing a very sweet young lady, who is a inspiration to me every time I'm in contact with her. Anyways, we had decided to go shopping together. :-) First off I got some pictures printed there at WM then we headed off to a Christian book store where we dug around in all sorts good things, like Bibles, books, music cds, and last but certainly not the least we dug around in some of the delicious cheese cake, carrot cake, iced cappuccino, and iced mocha, as served by the cafe in the store. That was just the start of the fun!
I had never been mini golfing, so Bekah decided to take me to Market Mall. The first thing we did there was go mini golfing, or maybe that would be hitting the balls around 5-8 times to get them in the holes and giggling the whole time. We did get through the 18 holes and then went shopping.
We got all sorts of stuff. As you can see by the pictures. :-) Bekah said it (the hat) looked good on me. :-) So at mix or match 5/$10, I got it, the necklace, and the scarf along with some other things. :-)
After a few other stores, we got some food and then headed home. It was so fun! We giggled over just about everything, but got some really good conversation in as well.

On Friday evening John, Vicki and I went in to see the Jazz Manouche in the Broadway theater. It was featuring the Hot Club of Edmonton ( ) and Les Imposteures [the imposters] ( ). I knew three of the band members for The Hot Club of Edmonton, Clinton and Freddie Pelletier, and Daniel Gervais. The bass player, Keith Remple, was an amazing musician! Les Imposteures were great musicians as well! It is an all female group, while their music wasn't as lively as the HCoE, they are very pleasant to listen too. :-) Jazz Manouche is also known as Gypsy Jazz. It's very different from regular jazz. The concert was put on by CBC, it should soon be on CBC On Demand. Check it out sometime. :-)

Saturday, Freddie came out to give me 'a few pointers on my guitar playing'.... It turned out to be a 4 hour lesson. My head was about exploding by the time we were done. I have a LOT of theory to learn and practice. :-)

The colts are doing pretty good in their training. I'm riding Bonchimon, and hope to soon be riding Elzear. :-)

I'll sign out for now.


  1. Cute hat, it fits you well! =) Sounds like a lovely day was had by you two and the jazz concert must have been neat to hear/see!

  2. I posted stuff about our visit on my blog too. :) We had so much fun, didn't we?!?!

    Looks like you succeed at taking that other thing off of the necklace. :) lol Good!

    I love the stuff I got too. :)

    Love you!