Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hoy! Is it cold out! :-) And we haven't even gotten to the coldest part of the year yet! Yesterday Martha and I took a short bareback ride on Kid and Coyote. The horses did well but even just sitting still for about 1 1/2 miles was a bone freezing experience. Will we do it again? Probably! LOL! We're not as smart as you may have thought. ;-) Today a bunch of us are in Preeceville. Jesse and I are planning on getting the process started so we can go and take our written test for our learner's driving permit. We have to get some sort of receipt…
 The Agribition was awesome! And no, I didn't take the picture for Martha. I didn't actually even see the booth. It was fun to see all the horses performing in the Premier Select Ranch Horse Competion, and the Wild West Show was really good! :-) Our evening was spent at Wolfmueller's  place eating a very tasty supper, talking, and playing games. Thank you to Peter, Gabbi and Adam for the enjoyable time! :-)
 Thank you for all the replies to my last two posts! It was a wonderful surprise when I checked to see if I had 'a' reply! Thank you for making my day! Even if the 'Riders' didn't win the Grey Cup. :-) For my non-Canadian friends I'm talking about the Saskatchewan RoughRiders, our provincial football team.
 Not too much else to say right now so I'll sign out. :-) Enjoy the cold weather! 


  1. Too bad they didn't win.
    And too bad for Martha.
    Ah well ;)

  2. Hey sis,
    Good to hear that the horses are being used. :-) Tell Martha that she'll have to suck it up.... LOL! I love my sisters. Martha is too cute for her own good. :-) Tell her that she should come to college... when she's 17 of course and then she can get married to a believer. :-) She can hit me for that when I get home. :-)
    Love you...

  3. Oh yeah, it stinks that the Riders didn't win. We are SO loyal, aren't we?!!? lol :P