Monday, July 11, 2011


Well my birthday went really well! We celebrated it on Saturday and had Wolfmuellers and Lindsey S. over for homemade pizza, homemade ice cream pie, and homemade strawberry 'short cake' (it turned out to be strawberry shortcake mix up...). It was a lot of fun and a wonderful way to start off my 19th year. On Sunday Jesse and I rode over to Wolfmueller's place after church. While we were over there, it poured! LOL! We put the saddles on the deck under the over hang and rode home after it let up. We had packed slickers along just in case. But even though we wore them on the way home, we didn't really need them.
I went on facebook  this morning and found that I had over 40 birthday wishes from family and friends! It brightened my bright, sunny day even more! Thank you all!  
Martha is back from Ketchen Lake Bible camp (she went the first week), and now Zeke is attending the second week.
Our strawberries are doing REALLY well! Something like 2-3 gallons a day. They are sooo good!


  1. You bet! I haven't started writing a reply yet. But I will! Thank you for the gift, and don't feel bad about it being little. I know the love behind it. Love ya girl! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday! :) Praying that God blesses you in you 19th year!


  3. Oh good! Glad to hear that! :D
    Love you too! :D

  4. Happy 19th Birthday!! Sounds like it was a good one!

    gallons of strawberries each day? WOW!