Thursday, February 23, 2012

For the love of life...

What we do for fun! Yes it's a chimney fire. Safely put out by Dad.

I wrote this yesterday...
The weather is warm, I enjoy my job (even when I’m working , which I am not at the moment), I got to go for a ride and fit in a bit of training when I got home, cooked some chocolate chip short cake, took Sara for a mile and a half sled ride (love hanging out with her), and now am listening to Steve Kaufman’s Winfield Winners DVD while typing on my first blog post in a very long time. I’d say ‘sorry for the wait’ but right now with life the way it is I can’t feel very sorry, so I guess I won’t say it but you know that I was going to… Confused yet? LOL! So my brain works in weird ways… If I actually wrote down what went through my brain (which wouldn’t be possible because I’m usually thinking about at least three things at once) well, I’d end up confusing myself so…
I rode Coyote up North to the end of the road this afternoon. He wasn’t really excited to be leaving his pasture and buddies so we did a bit of training on moving forward when I cued him to. When we got home I worked him a bit in the yard on yielding his head vertically, and yielding his shoulder in an almost ‘side pass’ either way. He actually didn’t do too bad, ‘specially since I haven’t ridden him for a good couple of weeks and haven’t worked on those things for a couple of months. I do enjoy working with him. He’s a good horse underneath all his spook and ‘herd boundness’. He’s just never had anyone work with him on any foundation training. And then maybe I’m just prejudice and think because he’s mine that he’s good.
Dad’s birthday is on the 24th. He turns 50! We are celebrating (on Friday) with a sausage roast (with Cool springs’ sausage) and LOTS of cheese cake! YUM! I’m already hungry for it!
Jesse bought a truck from Lyle (my boss). It’s a ¾ ton dodge almost identical to Dad’s. It’s needs a bit of fixing but I’m sure dads and Jess with have it in working order in no time. Jess is pretty happy to have it. He wants to be able to drive himself up to the bush. My bro is turning into a man. And THAT is FREAKY!!!! Cause if he’s growing up… that means I kind of should too. Oh well, gotta love life!
For all the fun of growing up…. Musically yours ---- Lydia

Sara with my bed ornament, 'Bucky', watching the slideshow on my computer. :-)


  1. Another chimney fire.. I am trying to remember when we had one before. In Montana, perhaps? Glad it got put out and all is well.

    Sounds like you're keeping busy. Glad you are able to spend so much time with Sara and the little kids. :)

  2. We've had at least three chimney fires with in the last month. Burning poplar firewood.... :-|

  3. Scary! :-0 Glad it wasn't worse than it could have been.
    Cute pic of Sara! :)
    Sounds like you are keeping busy there! It feels I haven't seen you all in ages. lol.

  4. Three?! Wow. I guess the fact that it's poplar clears up the mystery. Be safe!

  5. Yep! The one time Dad was at work so Zeke was pouring water down the chimney while Mom and Marty waited in the basement. :-) Kind of freaky to learn about when you get home from work.

  6. Lol! Well, at least you know that they can put out a fire. Don't they stink?? The smell is just choking.

    I don't remember having a chimney fire the first winter we were there. Interesting.