Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life is kinda like... Rushing!

Life is going to get really busy here in about a week! I am going to visit Naomi and Jesse in Carlyle on the 19th and bringing Naomi back on the 28th to help with wedding prep. Soon after the wedding I'll be moving down to Carlyle. I will be living with N&J for the first while anyways. As plans go I'll be working at Pharmasave with Naomi. When August rolls around I'll be where I love to to be most at that time of year! Music camp, rockin' it out for both weeks! Next summer I might be heading out to BC to intern at a ranch that raises and endurance races Akhal-Teke horses. 

My Coyote

Three of the horses

One of the 13 lambs

Memories of a sweet horse. Fan's halter and lead. 

Sara swinging!

I love Sara's eyes in this picture! 

"This is how you do a girl push up"

My pretty sister! She's off to Bible college (NBC) this fall! Those boys better watch out! Three people from our youth group will be heading to NBC this fall. Ellie, Trisha F., and Jay S. Endeavour/Rockford invades again!


  1. Wow, lots of changes for you guys! Keep chasing your dreams! :)

  2. I'm glad Ellie's going to NBC. And I'm glad that Trisha and Jay will be there as well. She'll have some familiar faces!!

    Looking forward to having you living with us .. and working with me at Pharmasave!! :)

    I love the picture of Sara and Ruth.

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