Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall is almost over

So first big new news, we now have a new kitten... Mr. Fox. He was found by Jesse's cousin, very skinny and abandoned. Snow doesn't like him, but Mr. Fox adores and copies everything Snow does.  

Friday night I drove home. I had an appointment in Swan River on Sunday, so I wanted Saturday up there at home. I did get to run out and ride Coyote for about 5 minutes. Just bareback, but I got a hug and some quiet time with my boy. 

I found a old picture from our long ride...

I love this one! 
If you look closely, there are four riders in this picture. 

I've been enjoying work and teaching! I have nine of the best students ever! I love teaching them! 
I hope you have a lovely week! Enjoy the beginnings of Christmas prep, and all the lovely fall and halloween decor. 
I'm already drinking hot chocolate and listening to christmas music! Micheal Buble and The Riders In The Sky are awesome! 

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