Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Oh the excitement of preparing for Christmas!
This being my first time to celebrate it since I was four years old, I am as excited as a six year old. :-) 
We've bought and wrapped all the gifts, gone over lists to make sure we got everyone, and now are anxiously awaiting the day. 
Ellie, Jesse, Marty, and Zeke are coming down on the 24th to celebrate with us. 
I haven't seen Ellie since she went to college. I can hardly wait to see her (and the others too)! 

Today I got my order from Pampered Cowgirl! I got a ball cap, headbands, a necklace, and some other things. They are really nice. I would recommend the company. 

I am slowly getting things organized in my head for flying out to BC. I have to go down to Minot, ND to renew my passport, and then I think I am going to get my Permanent Residence (PR) card, though I don't have to have it for flying in Canada. I figure that it'll be good to have in case I go across the border. 
I've never flown before so I am a bit nervous about it. I'm sure I'll do fine... :-) 

For New Years I am headed home to spend a little time with the family. I have to stay down here for the 30th of Dec to help with music for a wedding, but hopefully will be able to head home either that night or the next day. 
Looking forward to seeing all the little kids and getting a hug from my horse. 

Here's a new breed to check out...
The Georgian Grande horse

This is Baron Von Vendavel 

He is 6 years old, 17.3 hands

The goal is to bring back the old style of Saddlebred. So they are crossing Saddlebreds with Friesians. Creating magnificent horses! 
They have the height (both SBs and Friesians are tall), heavier bone structure (Fresian), and smooth flashy gaits (SB and Friesian). 
I think I'm in love! LOL!

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