Saturday, January 26, 2013


So I guess I should let you in on my latest and greatest!  

I bought a new horse! 

I know I don't need another horse, heck, she won't get trained until I get back from BC. But, I did buy her. LOL!
She is a four year old chestnut mare who is possibly bred to a black and white overo stallion. 
It was a breeding operation gone wrong. A rescue picked up around 30 head of horses (some mares, some geldings, some stallions) for meat price to save them from going to the auction. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that auctions and slaughter houses have their places. These were perfectly good horses and why not let them have another shot at life. 

Anyways, the rescue is 5 hours away from Dad and Mum's so it wasn't an option for Dad to go and pick her up. Turns out one of their neighbor's who races Thoroughbreds is going to be hauling one of her mares up to that area in March. She offered to pick up my girl for me. 
The worst thing is that I won't get to see her until the end of May. I plan to go up and spend about a week at home. I'll be halter breaking my new girl and putting some riding time in on Coyote. Hopefully when I get back from BC I'll be able to find somewhere to keep my horses closer. Then I get to send my girl off to a trainer. 
Lots of fun planned!

So with out further ado....


Here she is showing the rest of the herd at the rescue that alleys aren't all that bad.

The squeeze chute isn't too bad either

A couple days after getting to the rescue

Her back legs got banged up on the trailer ride to the rescue, but she is doing better now. 

I have been working out my schedule for before I go to BC, so far it is as follows
17th of May: Last day of work
26th of May: Student recital
27th of May: Go to Dad and Mum's place
3rd of June:  Come back home
7th of June: Go to Regina
8th of June: Board my plane for BC, change planes in Calgary, AB, land in Kelowna BC. 

The airplane ride is what I am most nervous about. I've never flown. Should be interesting!

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