Friday, February 22, 2013

Homesick for the mountains...

On Monday Naomi, Jesse, and I went down to Minot, ND so I could renew my passport. Being a U.S. citizen I have to reapply for it in the States. Thankfully the post office in Minot offers the service. We had Monday off from work because of Family Day. We found out before we headed down that the U.S. had President's Day that Monday as well. We decided that we'd go down on Monday and stay over till Tuesday. We stayed in the Sleep Inn (attached to the Dakota Square Mall), lovely rooms and excellent service, I highly recommend staying there! Shopping at the mall was fun and convenient! We shopped on Monday and then on Tuesday we went and did my passport before heading back to the mall to do some Barns & Noble shopping (LOVE that store!). After eating supper at the Olive Garden we headed home. The trip was uneventful, thankfully! The roads were quite icy and lots of blowing snow (in SK). 

Right now I'm missing the rolling hills that are around Minot. And, for some strange reason, I am missing the miles and gallons (as opposed to kms and litres). I guess being raised in the mountains and all that I probably will never quit missing it. :-) Even though I love Canada, especially SK!

I was back to work on Wednesday and Thursday, worked till 2:00 then off to my guitar lesson in Forget with Ken Hamm, then back to work at 5:00 (store closes at 6:00). Today Naomi and I both worked all day. 
Lessons start up next Tuesday. I now have 6 students. I think I will have them all till the end of the teaching year. 

On Wednesday I received my info package from Olds College. Scared half to death every time I think of going to college, but I hope I can go fall of 2014. 

Other than that life is pretty humdrum. I go to work, I teach guitar, I take guitar lessons, I practice guitar, I ... well anyways. 

I'll be signing out for now. Hopefully it won't be as long before I write again. 

Random fact for the day: We filled half a tank of regular gas in Minot for a little less than what we filled a quarter tank of regular gas here in Carlyle at Co-op. Gotta love Canada's fuel prices! 

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