Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back from home

Well, I'm back from Dad and Mum's. I got a very bad case of homesickness after this trip. I had so much fun! 
Matt picked me up from work on Thursday morning and we got home around 1:30. It was all fun and games from then on!
Dad and the guys worked on Dad's shop a lot. They got three rows of logs up. I think he has only 3 more rows left before the roof goes on. 

Some of us kids went over and visited Peter and Gabriele on Saturday afternoon. I always love visiting them. I always come away from it uplifted!

My horse was delivered on Saturday evening... well actually, Sunday at 12:15 am. The lady delivering her (our neighbor) ran into problem after problem on the road. 
Us kids (Matt, Ellie, me, Martha, and Zeke) stayed up and played Apples to Apples. We went through all the red cards (a party size box) and we going through them again, when we finally decided to quite. We laughed so hard (because everything is so funny at that time of night) and I don't think I'll ever be able to play it again without thinking of some of the pairings of words from that night. 

Sunday was really good!
Trisha, Ellie, and Marty talked me into helping lead worship with them. So we did a couple practices and were good to go. I did have to borrow Jesse's guitar, but all was good. 
 Matt and I headed back Monday right after lunch. 
Unless something comes up, next visit up there will be around the 27th of May. 

I gave my camera to the kids to goof around with. They had a blast, and I got pictures. Worked out lovely!

Sara leading me out to the cows

I'll add more pictures later when my computer starts co-operating again. 

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