Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I spent the last weekend hanging out at the theatre here in town. It was the spring play, The Game's Afoot! 
My brother-in-law was in the play, and my sister was the line prompter.
I always volunteer and just help out which ever way I can. 
I usually hand out programs and show people to their seats. Of course I always rope whoever I can into helping me. It's lots of fun!

The three showings went beautifully! Lots of laughs, and rave reviews as always! 
My grandparents came up on Saturday evening and then stayed over till Monday morning. They took in the show twice, and helped take down the set after Sunday's show. 

Tonight we are heading in to see the highschool drama club's performance. Looking forward to that! 

I only have one month left at work. It's crazy how fast time is flying. I'm definitely going to miss all my students! 
My student that usually comes on Tuesdays came yesterday evening. He is 10 years old (today), and he usually has me laughing at least twice in the lesson. Yesterday, I asked him his guitar's name (Electro), and then I told him my guitar didn't have a name, but my aloe vera plant's name is Phoebe. He thought it was so funny! Just about fell off his chair laughing! Just as he'd get done laughing, he'd say "Phoebe" and set himself off again! 

Naomi took a picture of me on Sunday, after clean up!

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