Sunday, July 7, 2013


The hot weather has hit! 
We were in the mid 30s (C) for a couple days. That made working horses in the round pen (no shade) very warm. The one day we worked 4 horses. My brain was close to exploding from learning to communicate with them and I was pretty tired physically. 

Riding in the mountains!

Sandra and I have been riding as well. It's lots of fun and the countryside is so beautiful! 

Sandra on Izzy in a field of daisies!
We have been dealing with the usual cuts and scrapes. Frankie seems to get cut a lot. Three times in two weeks. His last cut was a pretty good one so he is in the barn healing. 

I absolutely love the barn!
I think my favorite part of cleaning in the morning is the barn! I clean the stalls, put in fresh sawdust, and then sweep the aisle. I can play my music and just have a lot of fun! 

The manure wagon. 

Maggie is a fun horse to work with! We did the whole session with out a halter. I guess the tarp is not too big of deal! 

"Perhaps I should eat it, or pull it off!"

"What?! I wasn't doing anything!"

Jacques (sp?) the border collie  

Marius at morning feeding

Philibert at morning feeding

The mares in their pasture

Izzy and Kazoo

Training Casino, the Arabian gelding that was here for a month

Getting sacked out with a big plastic glove on the saddle

Now it's on the halter!

With the flag on the saddle as well!

Very nice! 

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