Thursday, November 12, 2015


I have two extreme visions of where I want to live. 

One is out were I feel nothing but nature, raising horses and cattle. It's what I know and I know I can accomplish it if I work hard enough. 

This looks like heaven! 

But my other dream is to live in a big city. 
I want a loft apartment or a brownstone, I want to work in a small coffee shop, as an accountant, or possibly at a posh hotel. 

The city lights are alluring.  But at the same time they scare the hell out of me. 

I don't understand my two completely different dreams. 

I am a country girl through and through. Love my horses, wide open spaces, my spirit is wild and free like a mustang in the wind. 

But I'm not your average muddin, partying, redneck. I try my hardest to have class and I always try to dress tastefully even if I'm just going for a run or working around the farm. 

The big city has always appealed to my classier side. 
The farm has always appealed to my wild spirit. 

The obvious answer would be to earn enough money that I could own both a big city apartment/house and a farm, but that won't be happening anytime soon. 

No matter where I end up I have to remember to be true to me. Follow my heart even if it does scare me half to death. 

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