Sunday, January 25, 2009

A new blog staring....... MYSELF!

Hey ya'll!
Forgive me, I'm trying to remedy me self image problems. Or at least that's what Ellie says!!! LOL! She came up with the title too! :-) I was going to put 'starting......' , but she has to come up with this, and of course, I listen to her in everything! NOT! But I thought in this it wouldn't hurt! :-)
Okay so I'm starting my own blog. I hope to have a lot of fun on here, and I hope ya'll enjoy reading it! I'll try to keep it a bit more light hearted! I love a good laugh, at least a good laugh at someone else!!!! :grins:

So long for now,


  1. Lydia, you are so funny! I am looking forward to keeping in touch through your blog!

  2. Hey!
    Pretty cool blog!!!


  3. Hey girls! Thanks for signing a note here! Bethy, I did have Ellie looking over my shoulder and making these suggestions! I couldn't just leave them lay could I?!