Monday, January 26, 2009

Some laughter for your day!

Last night Jesse, Martha, and I were in the kitchen while I was eating a late suppper. Jesse was really tired, which equals, REALLY goofy! He was making up new words for the tune 'Nobody Loves Me". He started singing that he would take our pastor (Nevin), and move out to Wyoming and start a ranch, leaving all the girls here in Bonners Ferry. When Marty and I told him that Wyoming was high in crimes, so Jesse sang that he was going to get a rifle and a powder horn. And then the climax of the song was when he ended it by singing that he would take out Nevin's teeth (Nev DOESN'T have false teeth!) and he'd open them at the burglers and they'd all hightail it out o' there! The funniest part of the song was when Jesse ended it he dubbled over breathless with laughter!

Today Naomi gave me another banjo joke. It goes like this..... A little boy told his mother that when he grew up he wanted to be a banjo player. "Oh no son," his mother replied, " you either grow up or you become a banjo player."

Laughter is a gift from God himself! Where would this world be with out it?


  1. Hi Lydia!
    I am Bethany's best friend, and I found your blog through hers:) Are you Dad2ten on WTM and Urban Exodus?

    Check out my blog @

  2. Those are really good! Thanks for the laugh! You should have videoed it. :)

  3. We were Dad2ten, but are now longrider. I'll have to check out your blog.
    Glad you liked it Bethy! BTW do you mind me calling that? Or do you like it?

  4. Okay, if you wondered! I am Barngirl:) Looking forward to your next post,

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