Sunday, February 1, 2009

God is sooo wonderful!!!

Todays sermon was really good!!! I was truly blessed!!! It was about the wonderfulness of being saved!!! God is sooo GOOD! I am saved and NOTHING can take it away from me. I am speechless about what He has done for me! I know the story, but every time I hear it again thankfulness just washes over me! I am so indebted to Jesus, the least I can do is worship and praise Him!

A very happy Lydia


  1. So true Lydia! I am right there with you...Nothing can take away my relationship with God:) He is SO good!!!

    Praising Him,

  2. I'm with you there Lydia! I am so blessed by my relationship with God. He is my all!

  3. When I got the question what are you living for (or something like that) on the FB interview, I answered: JESUS!!!
    Really when I put everything I'm living for into one word it has to be, JESUS!