Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I spend all day trying to think up something funny to post, and I come up with nothing! Bummer! I guess I'll just have to think harder..... hmmmm.... hmmmmm..... hmmmmmmm......

Okay, this happened a long time ago, but...

I was riding my QH/Arabian gelding and was trying to get him to jump a small jump. I was riding with a halter and one rein and he didn't want to go over the jump! So I'm leaning forward and flipping the rope over his head, trying to keep him headed towards the jump. Well one time I was leaning forwards to flip the rope and all the sudden Zayn decided to jump! Jump he did! I was riding in a western saddle (not the best for jumping in!) and with being in a very bad position for a jump! I landed in front of the saddle, feet still in the stirrups! My brother, Jesse just about died laughing!

Another time I ended up behind the saddle on Alpache (the horse I have now), when he slipped and sat down. I couldn't figure out what was wrong when he got back up. It all happened so fast. I found that I was sitting behind the saddle!

Today Ellie and I were out walking/jogging, it was all foggy, making it hard to see very far in front of you. Well we're jogging along and all the sudden Ellie says, "CAR!!", well I hadn't seen the car and boy did I jump acrossed the road! Ellie and I just giggled like crazy! The people in the car didn't seem very amused. ???

Hope this made you at least giggle/chuckle!


  1. Those are really funny! I've landed in the front of the saddle plenty of times too!

  2. Horseback riding is so fun!!! I have so many funny (and hurting) memories from doing it!!! And I'm making more! Hopefully funny ones more than hurting ones!!