Thursday, July 23, 2009

Almost camp time!

Sunday the 19th
It's evening now, Eugene and Blaire came over a little while after we got home from church. After supper I gave Blaire a riding lesson, she mainly rode Al, but I let her ride Coyote too. She was doing good. I think the main problem people have is controlling the horse, so I had her 'go over to that fence and touch his nose on it.' Then I'd have her back him up and then turn him around and come back to me. Pretty soon on Coyote she was saying, “I'm going to go over to that fence again.” and she'd go by herself. :-) I'm happy that she's getting more confident! :-) Then Jesse jumped on Al, and Martha, he and I went running around the pasture some.

I guess Hannah and I will be cooking at camp again tomorrow. Carol Steppan will be picking us up at 9:20 AM. I'm looking forward to going there again! :-)
G'day for now! Singingly yours! Lyddy

Tuesday the 21st
Well we worked all day at the camp yesterday. Got home at about 9:30 to 10:00 PM. It was a long day, but it was a lot of fun! I peeled a LOT of potatoes for supper, we fed over 100 people, and quite a few of the kids came beck for seconds. One kid came back four times! :-) Kids LOVE mashed potatoes! :-) On the way home we stopped and helped Brad put some cows back in a fence, so our day was interesting, we did a lot of cooking and then finished up the day/night with herding cows! ;-) Found out that Brad loves southern gospel singing, so we're going to lend him some of our Gaither CDs and DVDs.
Talking about Gaither music. I was thinking about which songs are my favorites, and other than 'Journey To The Sky', I think that the song, 'When I Cry', is my favorite. It has really meant a lot to me, this past while. The words are,
Makin' a list, Of all the good things You've done for me. Lord I've never been one to complain, But right now I'm lost, And I can't find my way. My world's come apart, And it's breaking my heart. But it helps to know that Your heart is breaking too.
When I cry, You cry. When I hurt, You hurt. And when I've lost someone, It takes a piece of you too. And when I fall on my face, You fill me with grace. 'Cause nothing breaks Your heart. Or tears You apart. Like when I cry.
Alone in the dark. Face in my hands, crying out to You. Lord, there's never been a time in my life. There's so much at stake. There's so much to lose. But I trust it to You. You'll bring me through. And it helps to know that I'm not alone.
(Repeat chorus)
You're the One who calmed the raging sea. You're the One who made the blind to see. You looked through all Heaven and Eternity. And through it all, You saw me.
(Repeat chorus)

'There's Always A Place At The Table' is another favorite. And pretty much any song with Wes Hampton singing on it. ;-)

I'll sign out for now. I've got hamburger buns in the oven, and when they get out it's dinner time. :-) (I'm always cooking! :-) ) I'm really hoping to go riding this afternoon. We'll see what happens though. G'day for now. Lyddy

Wednesday, the 22nd

This morning I got up around 7:15. After breakfast and Bible time, Dad, Mom, Hannah, and Sara went in to Preeceville. A little while after they left Naomi called a friend in NM, to wish him a happy birthday. She talked Ellie and I into telling him happy birthday as well. :-) So here's another Happy Birthday Klaus! :-) Or would that be Happy Birthday Annoying?! :-) (That's my nick name for him. All joking of course!) July is the best month of the year to be born in! :-) At least that's my opinion!

After lunch, which was brown beans and cracker, Jesse, Martha, Zeke, and I went riding. We dropped off the halter that had come on Shilo, and then went over to Ron and Sharron's place to drop off the miniature horse halter I had made for her. She was very pleased with it. :-) Then we went and took some pictures, and came back and goofed around on our land for a bit.
Jesse made waffles for supper! Mmmm! I guess we're planning to go to Yorkton tomorrow, so I have to be up early to make breakfast. :-) I think it will call for coffee! :-) I need to get Uriah and Ruth birthday presents and I hope to get in some computer time.
Music camp's in four weeks time! I'm getting more and more excited. :-) What a state I'm going in by the time camp actually does roll around! LOL!
That's all for now. G'day, and goodbye! Lyddy~

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