Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two days thoughts.

Saturday, July-18-2009
Leftover pizza and ice cream! That's what the menu for today's lunch was. Yesterday was Uriah's 6th birthday. We made 3 gallons of ice cream and four pizzas, so we had lots of left overs. Mmm! I love ice cream!

Yesterday we went over to the 'Romajosa' (Millers) to look at filly that I'll be riding for a while, providing we figure out a price. She needs to get quieted down, and the girl is scared to ride her. I just worked her a little bit in the halter to check and see what her attitude was like. She was somewhat pushy, but that's taken care of easily enough. :-) Then we went over to the Galbraiths to see the stallion that Muckers and Millie are in with. He's a nice looking horse for a paint, in fact I really liked his build. Then after dropping off some stuff at another neighbor's, we stopped in at Stehr's place, but only, Scott, the hired hand was home so we headed home. Later, Scott called and told us that the Stehr's were home so Mum drove some of us down there. Mrs. Stehr gave a coming 2 year old paint filly to Hannah. Her name is 'Shilo', and she's blind in her left eye. It doesn't seem to bug her much. Mrs. Stehr just wants Shilo to go to a place where she'll get some work. So we now have 7 horses, and guess what, I still don't own one. :-) I'm sure the right one will come along for me sometime. :-)

Today, Cilla and I went for a ride at 6 AM. We just worked around the tires and poles out in the pasture. In the early afternoon we weeded garden. I got my plot weeded! Yeah! :-) And then this afternoon we went in the dugout! I took Coyote in a couple of times. He didn't really like having to swim. We also went out on an innertube. With life jackets on of course! :-) None of us kids know how to swim. Ellie and I were on the innertube and I was supposed to be paddling. I was leaning forward
and then Ellie went to show me how to do it, and guess what happened?! We flipped! Head first! Man, oh, man! I don't like it when my feet can't touch the ground. But I didn't swallow any water! ;-) And I did get to the shore. :-) I guess I need to learn how to swim. :-) If we only could get Dad into the dugout, he doesn't like the leeches. They don't hurt, all you have to do is pull 'um off. ;-D Dad's not so sure! LOL!

That's all for today. So G'day! :-)

Sunday the 19th
Well church was at camp again, and afterwards we went kayaking! That was fun! Zeke and Cilla were out playing by the diving float, both had life jackets on. The sermon was pretty good, Brad didn't preach, it was another man sharing his testimony. Then there was lots of singing. :-) Dinner was potluck style! Lots of good things to eat! Mmm! :-D Eugene and Blaire were there. Blaire will be attending camp this week, she's pretty excited! :-)
I'll sign out for now.

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