Monday, September 7, 2009

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September 3rd
This morning before we did our family Bible time we were talking about what nationalities we are. I wrote it down and I think I got everything. We are, Finnish, Scottish, Norwiegian, German, Cherokee, English, Irish, and Dutch. Then we were trying to figure out who takes after which one, and we came up with this:
Dad: German/Norwiegian
Mom: Cherokee features with Finnish colours
Naomi: Finnish/Norwiegian
Hannah: German
Ellie: Cherokee features with Finnish colours
Lydia: Dutch/German
Jesse: Norweigian
Martha: Finnish features with Cherokee colours
Ezekiel: Dutch
Priscilla: Finnish/Norweigian
Uriah: Norweigian
Ruth: Dutch/German
Sara: She looks sweet! :-)
So everybody dig out your pictures of the Holter family and tell us what you think! :-) Naomi and Mom were the ones doing the telling. They were looking at the shapes of faces, and colours of hair skin etc.
I guess I have two look-a-likes, Zeke and Ruth. :-) Ellie looks exactly like Mom did at that age, or so they say. :-) I wouldn't know. Hannah takes after Grandma Holter. Naomi and Cilla both look like they come right from the old land. When Martha asked who Jesse took after, Jesse said, “I take after anybody who hits me!” But he looks very Norwiegian, blonde hair, blue eyes.... :-) Riah looks just like Jess did when he was Riah's age.
Both Nomie and Mum say that I look like Great-Grandpa Vandermolen. Just saying the name tells you that he was Dutch. :-)
I guess Mart has the Finnish face features, but her skin and hair is darker, therefor taking after the sixteenth and a half of Cherokee in her. :-) So I say she's a 'Cherokee with a cute Finnish'! :-)
So there you get our family in a nut shell. A very mixed up nut shell, but a nut shell no less. :-)
I think we'll be heading out for a ride on the horses soon so I'd better go change into my coulottes. G'day for now! Lyds

September 4th
I didn't get time yesterday to write anymore, as soon as we got home from the ride we started watching
'Chronicles Of Narnia'. We watched both 'The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.' and 'Prince Caspian'. I liked both of them! :-) Thursday is our 'movie night', so get to stay up until 10:30 or later. :-) And the next morning it's really hard to roll out of bed. :-)
This morning we went and picked raspberries and cherries at Stehr's and we picked raspberries, peas, and beans at Young's. There weren't very many peas, but the beans were very plentiful. There are both yellow and green beans. We pickle the yellow ones, and just can the green ones. Mmmm! I love green beans! :-) But none of us ever could match up to Jesse when he was around 4 years old, Mom would have to serve two quarts of green beans, one for Jesse and one for the rest of us. :-)
I believe we are going riding this afternoon. I'm not sure where we're going though. The field across the road from us was just baled up so, that means a lot of fun could be had playing tag around the bales. Or we could go back and explore trails on our leased land. Either way, we'll have fun! :-) It'll be my 11th ride on Sugar. She's doing pretty good!
Hannah just came and told me that it's time to eat lunch so..... :-)


  1. I didn't know you were part Dutch! I should have though, 'cause you certainly look it. I'm like 99.9% Dutch. Both sides of the family can pretty much trace themselves back to the Netherlands. I think it was my great great grandparents on one side and my great grandparents on the other or something like that. :)

  2. Sounds like y'all have been keeping busy! But that's always nice.

    Family movie night sounds fun! And y'all's choice of movies were great! I love both of the "Narnia" movies. Have you read the books?

  3. So I do look Dutch? I never really paid attention. :-)
    I actually haven't read the Narnia books. I'm sure they're really good. Some of my siblings have and really liked them. :-)