Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New milk cow!

I didn't write for a couple of days as you can see. :-( Not a whole lot has been happening. Other than we got a new milk cow. I'm breaking her in for milking. This morning was the first milking but when we went out to milk, we found out that we had to find the cow first! We had put her in a small pen, but our pens are not good enough I guess. We found her about half a mile away. After getting her home and into the barn we fought her into a stanchion, and then I proceeded to milk her. Or as I told one friend, dance with her. She actually didn't do bad for a wild heifer getting milked for the first time. I did a lot of, “So cow. So cow. Easy girl. Nothin's gonna hurt ya.” etc. :-) I find myself talking to the animals quite a bit, especially when they're scared. Sometimes it helps, somtimes it doesn't.
On the 6th Mart and I rode Coyote and Sugar on a ten mile ride. It was very enjoyable, minus the misquitoes. :-) Sugar is doing really good. I'm working on, backing, and going away from the herd by herself. I wonder what her special thing will be.
I have found that I have one paticular sign that helps me tell whether the horse is tuned in to me, and in a good attitude. It's different for every horse.
On Zayn I always tried backing him up while riding. If he backed softly with his nose tipped to his chest I knew he was in a pretty good mood. :-) On River I had him put his head all the way down until his nose was touching the ground. If he resisted by pulling up I knew he needed more ground work before I rode him. :-) I could end up going on forever about the different horses if I don't stop now. So I'll stop now and let ya'll go back to what you were doing. :-)
Have a wonderful day! ~Lydia~


  1. Oh you had me laughing on the cow! Sometimes I think talking to them calms us more than the animal but hey whatever works, right? lol

    Love ya sis!

  2. Yeah I guess it does work that way. :-) I'm always talking to a new colt on the first ride, talking to the new cow on the first milking, etc. :-) Calming myself down.