Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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September 17th
Yesterday Ellie, Martha and I took Muckers, Kid, and Coyote for a bit of a ride. They were all being pretty spunky! Ellie asked Muckers to walk forward and Muckers backed up, I ask Coyote for a trot and he reared, Martha was cantering Kid and they got turned towards home and Kid was unstoppible for a ¼ mile. :-) Sound like fun? The better part of the ride included teaching our horses to back up with their neck arched, and I was getting Coyote to back in a circle. :-) Then we all got off and after loosening our cinches we walked the horses in.

September 30th
I think I could describe the last two weeks in three words, 'Applesauce, applesauce, applesauce'! We now have 403 quarts of applesauce in the cold room down stairs! It sure is nice to go down and look at it, well, at least it makes you feel like you have actually done something for the last how-ever-long. :-)
The other day we ate the first corn out of our garden. It was REALLY tender and sweet. Now if the frost holds off for another couple of weeks and we get some warmer weather we'll get some more. :-) It's been windy and cold since Sunday the 20th. I think the lowest it got was plus 2 C.
Ellie was able to get two Dexter cows on Saturday the 26th. One is 3 years old and the other will be 'freshening' for the first time next May. BTW, freshening means calving. :-) The older one's name is Merri, and the younger, Fortune.
On Sunday morning we found that Merri had gotten out and we spent the morning trying to get her back into the pen, therefor missing church. :-( Now I think they are settling in alright. Sherbert sure likes having cows her size around. She can't leave the Dexters alone. :-)
In about two weeks the guy that Ellie bought the Dexters from should be calling. He has three more Dexter heifers and a Tarentaise heifer. I would like to buy the Tarentaise heifer, and someone in the family might pick up the Dexters. We'll see what happens.
On the 20th Eugene dropped off Sam and Killer, his Standardbreds. And he took Grey Girl and Cracker home. So yesterday Ellie and Martha rode them for the first time. It was rather funny, Sam would trot out nice, but Killer had to pace. :-) Zeke, Ellie, and I all about fell off our horses laughing at her while she tried to figure out how to ride it. :-) She got something kinda figured out, maybe.... :- )LOL!
I only have 7 rides left to put on Sugar. One of them should be today. Then I have to find another horse to ride. I can ride Coyote but I would like to either buy a horse or find another one to train.
Gotta go now,
Singingly yours~~~Lydia~~~

October 1st

Naomi and I thought up something that we thought would be fun. I'm going to try and tell ya'll about a different cd once a month. I'll tell why I like it, why some other people might not like it, and where you can get a copy of the cd if you wanted one, and perhaps, if I knew of a place where you could hear a sample track of it I'll put that on too. So here we go.....

CD: So Yeah
Artist: Ray Bell
Style: Fingerstyle guitar
Why I like it: I have known Ray for two years and really enjoy listening to him play. I have heard him play in several concerts and he can play every style of music imaginable. On this paticular cd he sticks to fingerstyle songs/tunes that he wrote, other than one medley of two traditional tunes that he flatpicks.
It's a very relaxing cd to listen to.
Why someone could not like it: It is not gospel music, and could be considered to have a beat to it. (I don't quite understand it when people say they don't like music with a beat. All music HAS to have a beat, if you don't have a beat you don't have music. But whatever.). Other than that it's pretty easy to like. :-)
Where you could listen to a sample track: Maybe try Youtube.com or cdbaby.com, otherwise I could send you a sample, if you wanted.
Where to get a copy: Strait from Ray himself! Email him at rcbataccesscommdotca and ask to order a copy of So Yeah. If you want to you can tell him that you got his name from me. We're pretty good friends. :-)
Cost: $20 like all other Canadian cds. :-)

Tell me what you think what you think about this idea, is it good? Bad? Not interesting at all? Be honest, please. :-) Thank you! :-)

October 4th
We are sick! :-) Chicken pox and colds are our problems now. Sound like fun? It's not! Most of the kids walk around moaning and then they all are taking black tea baths. It's supposed to help I guess. I'm just coming down with chicken pox now and I'm just getting over the cold. It seems like we have been sick for about a year and a half. We aren't sure why we're always sick, anybody have any suggestions for us?

Right now I'm listening to Ernie Haase and Signature Sound on 'Get Away Jordan'. I love their singing! I would so love to go to one of their concerts, but Dad and Mom don't like their music very much so that is not likely to come to pass. I would love to see the Gaither Vocal Band too. Wes Hampton happens to be my favourite tenor, so maybe that has something to do with it. :-)

Hannah, Ellie and I have been helping with Y2J (our church's kids program). Y2J stands for Yes 2 Jesus, and it's for kids from 5 to 11. I think that's the ages anyways. We've helped the last two times it's been going. It just started up again for the winter so we girls decided to pitch in and help.
Dad and Mom don't want us going to the youth meetings yet though. They have something against youth groups, I'm not exactly sure what it is though. Other than some of them aren't good. Whatever.... :-) We'll just not go until they say we can. They aren't sending the younger kids to Y2J either. Don't ask me why. I'm a bit confused about what Dad and Mom are trying to get from/for us kids right now. But I won't bother you with that right now. :-) I'll just ask ya'll to keep us in your prayers. And thank you for doing it!

Okay here's something Naomi told me she did sometime back. I would like to know who is reading my blog so.... If ya'll could just leave a comment after this post I'd appreciate it. :-) I was just wondering who is reading it. If you wouldn't mind telling me what you like about it or don't like about it that'd be nice too. Thanks! :-)

I'll leave ya'll on that note for now. G'day! ~~Lydia~~

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