Saturday, December 5, 2009

New horse to break. :-)

December 1st
The year is almost gone! It's amazing how fast time flies! In this year I have made 'TONNES' (haha) of new friends, moved three times, trained a couple horses, gone hunting for the first time, gone to youth activities for the first time, learned how to play guitar better, and surprisingly I have also managed to sing for a small crowd without getting nervous at all! :-) That's a accomplishment! LOL! Most importantly though, the Lord has been drawing me closer and closer to Him! That truly is exciting!
Yesterday we only saw a cow and calf moose, no bulls. So until next year.... :-)
I realised I haven't been doing the 'CD of the month'. :-P I can't remember exactly how I did it last time, but I'll do what I can. :-) So for this month.....
CD: Dream On
Producer: Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
Style: Southern Gospel

What I like about it: I love Sig' Sound's voices so that makes it really easy to like their cds. :-) They know the power that they sing about, and that puts life into their music. I love listening to them and hearing the training they put into their voices come out in beautiful harmonies. Another thing is that they aren't stuck in slow music or fast music, they can do both and equally well. You have to listen to it to appreciate it, I guess. :-)

What some other people might not like about it: The first thing you would here in the Babtist world is there's too much beat to their music. So if you don't like anything other than hymns and you don't like drums then stay away form this cd.

Cost: $20 if you pick it up from Wal-mart in Canada. :-) I think if you order it direct it is around the same price.

Where can you order a copy: From Signature Sound ( them selves. :-) Or you can get it from Wal-mart. :-)

Where can you hear a sample: On just search Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. There's lots of clips off their dvds. BTW, you can also get Dream On on dvd. It's really good as well. :-)

I hope you enjoy learing about some of my favourite musicians and singers. :-)

G'day to ya'll, and welcome to December! :-) ~Lydia~

I waslistening to one of EHSS' songs called, “Had It Not Been”, I found it to be very thought provoking.
Here's the words, tell me what you think. :-) Honestly too, I don't mind if someone finds problems with my veiws, the only thing I have that is set in concrete is that I'm a Christian.

Just suppose God searched through heaven, and couldn't find, one willing to be, the supreme sacrifice, that was needed. That could buy, eternal life for even me.
Had it not been, for a place called mount calvarey. Had it not been for the old rugged cross. Had it not been for a man called Jesus. Then forever my soul be lost.

And I'm so glad he was willing to drink his bitter cup. Although he prayed, “Father let it pass from me.” And I'm so glad that he didn't call all the angels. From these hands tore the nails that torment me.

I just find the song so true. It speaks of everything Jesus did for me and everybody else in the world. :-) Praise the Lord that He was willing to go!

It was around -20 C, snowing and the wind was blowing, not exactly the most desireable riding weather. But Hannah, Ellie, Martha, and I were riding. We had ridden over to the neighbours (Millers), getting there around noon, to help round up and work cows. We worked for four hours putting around 60 cows through the sqeeze chute, giving each one a shot and pouring Ivemec on their backs. Running the cows through the sqeeze was fun, Roy and Willfred (another neighbour) ran the cows up the alley, I ran the sqeeze, Ellie gave the shots, Hannah poured the Ivemec on, and Martha took down the tag numbers. After a couple of cows we got it going in a pretty good system. :-) A few cows did manage to get through the chute at different times though. :-) Oops!
The ride home was cold but interesting. I think I only got a touch of frostbite on one side of my face. We were all making sure we rubbed our faces every-so-often so that we didn't freeze. :-) We've all had fristbite at some time or another when in Melville, so we know how painful it is. Makes you more careful not to get it again. :-)
Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone! Because I know He holds the future. And life is worth the living because He lives! That song is sooo good! :-)

December 5th
Yesterday I 'forked' Robin and got a walk and a trot out of him. I was getting cold and the pen that he's in isn't the best for riding in so I didn't canter him. I guess that means that I need to take him out today and ride him. I'm a bit nervous about cantering him as that's the easiest gait for them to buck at, but he hasn't tried bucking at the walk and trot yet either, so I go back an forth. It always seems that a horse has to throw one fit when you first start riding them, whether it's bucking, rearing, won't move, won't stop, or whatever, I'm not really looking forward to it very much, other than to have it past. I would like to get a few miles on Robin before he goes back home, and he seems to be coming along alright. He still doesn't like getting caught but he's not as bad as he was when I first started.
Hannah is gone to help with 'Endeavouring Through Bethlehem'. Dad said that the kids over 18 could help if they wanted, but he didn't really want any of us that are under 18 to go. So if it works out next year maybe I can go and help. :-)
That's all for now, so g'day. :-) ~Lydia~
Back for a minute.... I just got in from riding Robin. Quite a bit of cantering and no bucking! Yeah!!! :-) I don't think he ever thought of bucking, he was just excited to be out of his small pen.
I saw bald eagle while out riding. They are such a majestic bird. Robin was interested in it too. :-)

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