Thursday, November 26, 2009

To long for Jesus is to long for life. To accept him is to accept life!

November 22nd
Yesterday Jesse, I and Dad went hunting with Peter and Bruce (a friend of his). The only thing we saw was two elk and a grouse. Well I guess Jesse and Bruce saw a buck. We left Dad sitting at a beaver pond, and then later Jesse and Bruce went on ine trail and I and Peter on another. Peter and I ended up at a large beaver pond which we walked on. We stuck fairly close to the edge, but I'm afraid that I don't really like going out on ice with water underneath it. So besides of praying the whole time we were on the ice, I followed in Peter's footsteps, excepting for when he went out to the beaver lodge. :-) Another thing I need to conquer. :-) On the way back in Peter asked me to tell him more about myself. I wasn't exactly sure how to start, or even what to say at all. But after a few questions and answers we got onto talking about different doctrines and such. It was good. I've never had to answer a whole bunch of doctrine questions on my own (there's always siblings and parents there to answer for me), so it was a new experience. Peter was being mean earlier on, every time he passed me he would push me out of the way. So one time I slammed him back. :-) He just laughed. On Friday he showed up at church where we youth were playing 'garbage ball', which is a really fun game by the way. Peter ended up on the opposit team and means how tackling is allowed, he tackled Ellie and I a couple of times. One time I was sitting down to catch my breath and Peter came walking along and purposly 'tripped' over me. “Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there!”, he said as he walked on. I jumped up and went and ran into him. :-) So I think that's what he was trying to get me back for. :-) All in fun of course!
That afternoon Peter, Gabby, and Adam came over. Gabby stayed at the house and, Dad, Ellie, I, and Jesse went hunting with Peter and Adam. We took a different trail than in the morning. Dad and I split off from the others and headed up to the trail that Peter and I had taken before. On the way there we were stopped by some CO's (Conservation Officers). Dad was really glad we had gone back and gotten his tags (he had forgotten them when we first headed out). :-) The COs were pretty friendly, they told us that I needed to be wearing a coat solid, orange, scarlett, or white, the vest didn't cut it. But when Dad asked if we should go back home and get one, they said that they were just telling us for later. I thought that was nice. :-) I was able to remember the trail, so Dad and I got to the camper alright, and pretty soon after that we all headed home.
I'll sign out for now. ~Lydia~
November 23rd
Yesterday's sermon was REALLY good! It was Brad's Sunday off so David S preached. He's preached once before on one of Brad's Sundays off, and both of his sermons have been really good. After church some of us Holters and Sebastian and Adam went out behind the church and threw the frisbee around for a while, until Dad called for us to go. I'm a bit better at frisbee than I am at football. Before we went hunting on Saturday we were throwing the football around and Adam threw it to me, but I didn't catch it. I bounced off my head and landed on the ground a little ways away. :-) Ouch! LOL! I said that I hadn't ever played football before and Peter said, “Oh, I couldn't tell!” :-P
Back to Sunday again. We went to Pete and Rose Steppan's for lunch, and then went to the old folks home. Us girls sang/played around five songs, plus we played for the hymns that the people picked. For once, I wasn't nervous at all. I don't know if that's an acomplishment or was it just because there was only around 15 people there. :-) We are scheduled to sing there on December 9th at 3:00, so they must have liked us. :-)
This morning after feeding/watering Babe I came in and made waffles for breakfast. I managed to burn my left arm on the waffle iron, so that wasn't too nice. But the waffles did turn out good. :-) Now I have Aloe gel on my arm and then a gauze square wrapped with vet wrap. :-) After breakfast, family Bible time, and reading my Bible to myself, I went out and sat with Babe for a while. She was mad at me for some reason, and stood with her back to me the whole time. :-) Lunch was good and now if my dress or culottes get out of the dryer soon maybe I can go riding on Coyote. I keep checking my wrist to see what time it is forgettting that my watch died yesterday. :-( I'll have to get a new battery for it next time we're in town. Whenever that is. :-)
It's g'day for now. Maybe next time I'll have another moose tale to tell. :-)
Singingly yours~~~Lydia~~~

November 24th
Well I don't have a moose tale to tell. We haven't gone hunting at all since Saturday. Hopefully we can go again before moose season ends. :-)
This afternoon Hannah, Ellie, and I are planning to ride in to Endeavour. I hurried and got my bread mixed up and chores done so I'll be free. My bread is rising the last time right now. Hannah has lunch almost ready, it smells really good! Roast chicken, dilled potatoes, and some bread. Mmmmm! :-)
Last night I was looking through a notebook that I had used for English and I found this saying that I had written down, “To long for Jesus is to long for life. To accept Jesus is to accept life”. I'm not sure what I was going through at that time, but when I read it last night, I thought I should share it. I hope you like it. :-)
Mum just came and said that it's time to eat! So g'day! Lydia r. Holter
November 25th
We didn't go riding yesterday. Peter showed up with his ATVs so we went hunting instead. :-) It was fun! Ellie and I rode with Dad and Jesse rode with Peter. Peter drove the quad with no brakes, and let Dad have the other one. I guess Peter and Gabby forgot to tell Adam that the yellow quad had no brakes when he drove it onto the trailer, and he drove it right back off. :-) I hate it when the brakes don't work in something, we had a little car with the top cut off in the back, we used it for everything, and the brakes liked to go out on it. Not fun! :-) Well Ellie and I are going to go riding right now. And if we want to get anywhere and back before lunch I guess we'd better head out. :-) I'll write more later.
Back again! Ellie, I and Martha went for a ride in the morning, and met Peter on the way home. After lunch we went hunting. It was fun again. But we didn't see anything. :-( Dad still has a doe tag that he has to fill, so I think he is planning on trying for another doe. But as far as moose go.... It isn't looking too promising. To bad too, we could really use one to help out with the meat factor this winter. But God knows everything we need and he will provide. :-) 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!
Signing out for now,

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