Thursday, November 19, 2009

Calling all people with patience!

November 14th
If you've ever wondered how much patient persistence you have, you are more than welcome to come and try your luck on Babe.... I'm must be doing something wrong, the problem is that I don't know what it is. We were able to get her and Robin into the upper corral yesterday with the help of some oats and Jesse and I riding Red and Coyote, plus Ellie was leading Millie and Kid. Today I decided to try round penning Babe. First off Jesse couldn't catch Robin so we spent and hour round penning them together, not the best idea I'll be the first to say. We did get Robin out of the upper corral and in with Regina and Schubert in the lower corrals. Then I managed to spend two more hours round penning Babe. I kept her at a trot for the most part, turning her either way. I was trying to make her turn with her head into the pen, and she did get to doing that when turning to the left, in other words I was facing her right side when I'd go to turn her. But she would not when turning the other way, I tried to think of everything I have read or watched but nothing seemed to help. I would stop her and try to get her to turn and follow me, starting with taking all pressure off when she would turn her head and look at me, but she would never move the rest of her body to follow her head. And that's all the farther I got. :-( I tried to give her water, which she didn't drink, and I did pitch her some hay. I'm not quite sure what to do.... As Linda Parelli would say, I need more arrows for my quiver. Babe seems to have an awful lot of arrows that I've never seen the brand of.... :-) A very big one is that she's VERRRRRRRRRY stubborn and determined not to let becoming friends with me happen. So as I see it, I must become a lot more stubborn and determined to make sure becoming friends does happen. Not only so I can collect the money on her (that would be nice though....), but also because it will make her life with people a lot better. Besides I prefer to be friends with the people and animals that I work with. :-) Just ask my siblings. LOL! Don't! J/K! :-)
Last night Brad picked some of us kids up to go to the youth meeting. We dropped Hannah off at Steppan's place and then headed off for Endeavour, picking Josh Miller up on the way. It was PACKED in that mini van! LOL! :-) As soon as we got downstairs in the church Lindsay gave us big freezies. Then we all headed out to play football. It was pretty clumsy at first but the team that I was on did end up winning 3-0.
Rod taught the lesson and it ended up lasting until 11:30 or so. There was a girl there that wasn't saved and she had a lot of questions. It was a really good time, Brad would have us answer the questions if we could and that just seemed to be... Hmmm, I'm not sure how to describe it.... It was really good. :-) So we ended up getting home around 12:00 and hit the hay right away.
This morning Peter and Gabby showed up. Peter was able to shoot a nice size doe when they were here. After he and Jesse got it gutted and all, we finally got Peter convinced to stay for a pancake breakfast, we even promised him coffee with real cream in it, just to get them to stay! :-) LOL! I love having friends! :-)
Tomorrow is church. I'm looking forward to it! Dad and Zeke should get home sometime in the evening as well. They're in B.C picking up Dad's sawmill. They left yesterday morning around 3:00. Dad is pretty excited about getting a sawmill finally. I'm glad he's getting one of his dreams. :-)
Well it's goodnight for now. 9:00 in the evening is my usual bedtime, not 12:00. :-)
November 16th
Well I'm not feeling quite so downhearted today. I've been giving Babe water twice a day from a pail I'm holding. She didn't want to drink the first two times, but pretty soon she learned that the only water she was going to get was from my pail and then she decided that she was thirsty enough. I've also been pitching her some hay morning and night, and giving her a third of a gallon of oats in the morning. This morning she nickered to me as I brought each thing to her. I take that as a good sign. :-)

Church was really good yesterday! After church we went over to Peter and Gabby's place to pick up some deer meat, and we finally got Peter convinced to come over for dinner and a bit of music. :-) So after a dinner of bison roast, steamed potatoes and coffee with real cream in it (I think that's Peter's favourite!), we jammed a bit. :-) Next week is when late moose season starts so I believe Peter is taking some time off work and coming up to hunt. Should be fun! :-)
Dad and Zeke are supposed to get home this evening. They decided to take two days to get home, and spent last night at Sorgard's place near Lethbridge, AB.
I'll go for now, it's time to do family Bible time and then us girls need to practice music for next Sunday. :-) Singingly yours~~~Lydia~

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