Monday, November 9, 2009

Finally a post again!

Okay here's the long post I said I'd post. Sorry it's taken so long. I don't get on very often so sometimes I'm only able to check my emails. Hope ya'll enjoy reading it. :-)
October 27th
I guess I'll start at Sunday. We got up early (at least I did) and ate breakfast. At about 8:15 we were waiting at the end of Steppan's driveway. They were going to lead us to Swan River. Most of the way was gravel roads, and we had miss judged our time to head out, so we drove pretty fast to get there. We ended up being late anyways and the morning service was already started when we came in. Thankfully we were about 20 minutes before the time that Han, Ells, and I had to play and sing. Carol had called on Saturday and said that nobody had vollenteered to do the special music to the morning service, so would us girls do it? So we threw together an arrangment of 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus' that night. The first verse the girls played harmony on the fiddles and then Hannah and I sang the second verse, me singing melody and Hannah singing harmony. I wasn't nervous until I got up on stage and saw all the strange faces. :-) And then my mic kept on dropping, I tried to fix it before we started and it held for a bit then right when we got into the song it dropped again. I couldn't do anything about it and was just going to leave it but one of the members from 'Free Spirit' (the group that was leading the singing. They were from the EMC Bible college.) came up and fixed it enough so that it held.
Several people said that we sounded good, so I guess we couldn't have been too bad. :-)
The sermon by David Riemer was really good, and then after some more singing we went and ate lunch.
Hannah asked Dad if we could go to the youth meeting that afternoon and suprisingly he said yes. :-) He doesn't really approve of youth get-togethers. So Hannah, Ellie, I, and Martha joined the rest of the kids waiting to go the high school where we were going to use the gym. When we had first got to the high school there was 8 kids from Endeavour church and 3 from other churches, so I said that we should play all of our games church against church, then a whole bunch of kids from other churched came in and Martha turned and said, “You never should have said that we were going to play church against church!” :-)
We played three games and two of the college students gave their testimonies. With the fun games, meeting new friends, learning from testimonies, and just being with other young people it was a very uplifting afternoon. :-)

We've been making a bit more firewood, I've been working with Babe, and this morning Peter Wolfmuller (sp?) came and he, Dad, Jesse, and I went hunting. It was a lot of fun! I managed to get fairly wet while crossing a large bog. But I wasn't the only one to get wet and almost stuck, Peter just about filled his knee high rubber boots a couple of times. :-) I guess we're going again this evening, I'm looking forward to it. We're hunting moose and whitetail deer. So far we saw 3 moose last Friday, and a couple of deer, but nothing within range. Hopefully we'll get something. :-)
Going for now. I've got some house chores to do, a horse to work with, and my bread is rising, so if I want to get done before this evening........ ~Lydia~

October 31st
Today is the last day of moose season until November 20th so if we don't get something tonight.... Yesterday Peter put two shots into/at a bull moose, but we can't find it. We aren't sure if he missed or what, we've searched the area something like four times. Peter keeps on saying things like we sould have done this, or that.... :-)

Today I wasn't sure if I was going to be going with them as Dad wasn't going and Peter was bringing one of his sons along. Cilla came running into the bedroom and asked if I was going so I decided to go and dove out of bed and into my coulottes! :-) Mom handed me a cup of milk and a PB/honey/butter sandwich in a bag and then she and Dad were helping me get into my coats and vest. Then I ran out the door after Jesse. When we had first parked the truck and were getting out/ loading guns etc. Adam (Peter's youngest son) pointed out a grouse/chicken in a tree. So Peter took a couple of shots at it with the pellet gun, then I took a shot, and Jesse took a turn at it. We all missed. :-) I guess Adam didn't want to look as foolish as the rest of us so he didn't try for it. :-)
Jesse took Adam down the one trail where he and Peter had shot at the moose while Peter and I went up the other trail. Peter's fun to hunt with! :-) Maybe I should say he's just fun to be around. :-) We went a ways up the trail and then cut down through a quad/deer trail that led to a very pretty beaver pond. We sat there a while and then cut our way around it. Just when we had got around it I pointed out the camper that was right where Peter shot at the moose. We headed towards it. The leaves were all frozen and so we were pretty noisy I guess, we stopped for a little bit and we heard Jesse running the cow moose call. Peter and I looked at eachother and just about fell over laughing (silently). Then Peter 'grunted' back a couple of times. Jesse played the cow call again. Ever try laughing silently when you're about doubled over? :-) Peter gave me a high five and then we walked on towards the camper. Peter whistled once and then again and Adam whistled back. So we walked out into the open and Jesse and Adam joined us. Jesse told us later, they thought for sure they had a moose coming in, then he saw Peter. :-) Adam asked, “What's out there?”
“Your dad.” He replied and Adam groaned in disapointment. :-)
After sitting in the slough/bog (on piles of fallen down willows) for a while we were going to head out for home. Jesse and Adam went on the quad trail but Peter and I took another way which proved to be pretty tricky. :-) Once Peter is going along and his boot sinks in almost to the top in black mud, so he handed me his rifle and then pulled himself out. We did get out eventually and ended up all meeting at the 'Y' in the trail and headed back to the truck. On the way there Peter was able to kill at grouse and I managed to hit an owl but was too far away to do any harm. Right after I had hit it, Adam says, “I want to see that thing through this scope.” He was using Ben's (Peter's oldest son) gun and I guess it has a really good scope on it. As he was sighting it in Peter says, “Oh yeah! 'I just want to look at it' BOOM! And feathers go everywhere!” :-D We all laughed and Adam pretended to fire the gun at the owl. Then we got in the truck and went home.
In the afternoon Martha and I took Kid and Coyote for a ride. We just went down to the end of the road and then played a bit in the field across the road. It snowed about an inch that night.

November 2nd
Yesterday we headed to church and got there in time for Sunday school. The church was packed for the main service (mind you it's not a 'big' church) but it was packed. Half the football team from Preeceville High school was there, as well as some other people I hadn't ever seen. Naomi, Hannah and I did the special music and it went well. A lot better than in Swan River. :-) Sorgens led the worship and it was really good! :-) Brad's sermon was really good and almost everybody in church was crying for some reason or another. Other than us Holter's that is. LOL! :-) Just look at it this way, the songs were wonderful, the sermon was great, and then throw in, a girl getting saved in Y2J last Friday, the football team winning on Saturday, and the full church, and, and, and, an.......... You get the picture? :-) Brad was crying (he's been praying for the football team for a long time, and to see them in church), Carol was crying, as was Peter, and I don't know who else, oh yeah, Clint Yanke was doing the announcements and he was crying. As Peter put it, it was a crying day. :-')
Peter and Gabriele came over after lunch and we went out and tried pushing the deer out of the lease land onto our land. It didn't really work but it was fun trying! :-) Then when we got home we see three deer grazing out in our hay field beside the house. :-) Dad took at shot and hit one! Peter also shot but I don't think he hit. We went out there and found a blood trail and ended up trailing that doe for about half a mile. Ended up that Dad hit her front leg on the nigh side and the bullet busted her other front leg so we did get caught up with her and Dad shot her in the head. Peter can't call Dad flinch anymore (he had shot at a doe before and missed because he flinched), because Dad got that doe the first time with a 400 yard shot! :-) he is now called, 'no flinch'. :-) LOL! After we did find the doe and hauled it home Peter and Dad butchered it and then they came in and had something to eat and we talked for a while. :-) Gabby (Gabriele) is just as fun as Peter to be around so we had a LOT of fun! :-) After they left we ended staying up until 11:00 p.m talking. So Peter that is how late we do stay up sometimes. :-)

In the morning I ironed some shirts and a jumper. And I also made lunch. After lunch I went out with intentions to catch Babe and work with her. She and Robin were let out with the other horses and both are hard to catch. Bad combination! I followed Babe around for an hour and a half trying to catch her. I never did catch her but I could find myself getting a bit frustrated which would just make things worse, so I worked up to about 10 feet from her and then left just so I was leaving her and she wasn't the one leaving me. Then I caught Coyote and Martha and I went riding. We went down to Schuttie Lake, about one mile from Rockford. We had a lot of fun! :-) Then we came home and ate supper.
That's from me for now. :-)

November 6th
This morning we hauled firewood. That may not sound like much, but for some reason the bush we were getting it out of had really heavy wood. I seem to have caught what Jesse and Cilla had a couple of days ago, (some sort of stomach cramps, no throwing up, just stomach cramps) so putting that together with hauling heavy wood all morning has left me a bit tired. :-)
I'm feeling a bit frustrated/dejected today. I'm not seeming to be getting through with Babe, I was able to catch her the other day with the help of some oats Dad had gotten, but she has BIG issues. I know that the first times that you work with a new horse are the worst, and maybe just being sick has something to do with it, but I can't think of what exactly to do with her. She's not safe to ride at the moment, as soon as I climb on her back she swallows a 2x4. I might be able to get her to flex a bit on the ground but not in the saddle. Her owner rode her in a low-port curb bit. But the horse is clearly not neck reined, and therefore I'm not going t use a curb on her. The curb bit uses indirect commands whereas the regular snaffle or strait bit uses direct commands. If that doesn't make sense don't ask me to explain it. :-) But one thing I know is that I don't ever want to use a curb bit on a horse until it is trained to neck rein (laying the rein against the side of the neck and the horse moves away from it), and therefore I won't have to mess with the mouth at all.
But back to Babe, her owner says that she won't take a snaffle bit or any bit with a 'broken' mouth piece, so I dug out a really old strait bit that Steve Riley had left with the place, it was on an old driving bridle, that was falling apart. The bit is homemade but hopefully it'll work, other wise I might be describing what a strait bit is to Peter and Gabby and asking them to bring one down from Regina on their next trip.
So that's my complaints about Babe. :-) I'll get sometime, but I don't feel like working a ornery horse today. :-)
Y2J went pretty good yesterday. There wasn't very many kids that came, but it still went well. Peter and Gabby came over yesterday to drop off some meat. They stayed for a little while I guess, us girls had to go to Y2J before they did leave so I don't know exactly how long they stayed.
I'll sign out for now. ~Lydia~

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