Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dancing horses and skidoos....

It's funny how light footed a 1200 lb horse can dance when he's surrounded by snowmobiles! Means how it's the weekend there was hordes of skidoos (snowmobiles) out today. A very main groomed skidoo trail runs on the road allowance that borders our land, and in order to ride to the main road with Coyote I had to cross the trail. There was about 10 skidoos or so (sorry, I know not all of them were 'Skidoos', but hey I'm not going to name off every brand there? I was too busy trying to calm my mount), parked on the road, we managed to get by them fine. Coyote was jumpy the whole ride. The slightest noise and he would jump and try to bolt. Coming back home there was fewer skidoos parked on the road but Coyote was still extremely jumpy. :-) He was dancing sideways quite a bit while I was talking to one of the people, and was quite glad to be able to hit it at a high paced trot towards home, away from all skidoos! :-) Funny horse!

I'm quite looking forwards to church tomorrow! Peter and Gabi are up from Regina, they have friends with them so we haven't seen them yet. Can't wait until hunting season starts again, then we'll probably see more of them. :-) That's a ways off though, and before it we have music camp in the summer! Now I'm getting excited again! LOL!
Alright it's g'day for now. Lovin' ya'll! ~Lydia~

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