Friday, February 19, 2010

Revenge is sweet!

That is, symbolically speaking, of course. :-) Mr. Wolfmueller (aka, Peter) and I have had an on going 'fight' (of sorts), ever since one night when he showed up at youth and during a game of garbage ball, he 'tackled' me. :-) Sounds fairly simple, and it would have been too, if he hadn't of kept bugging me every visit. He takes any excuse (or no excuse), to give me a push. I've been keeping up on it and 'getting him back' pretty much every time (usually with a push). But visit before last when I was getting some cream for his coffee he came over and kicked/bumped me with his foot. It was fairly light but I was in an awkward position (half squatting/kneeling) and nearly fell over. So I 'swore' revenge! I warned him a couple of times, and spent the last couple of weeks figuring out what to do. :-) When Peter, Gabbi, and Adam came down last weekend I had it figured! After 'skidooing' and looking at Dudley (whom Peter calls Buttons ????) everyone came in for coffee. I got it making (our coffee pot died), and then made it clear to Ellie and Martha that this was it. We all struggled to keep strait faces. :-) I got some cream out and started mixing up a cup of coffee for Peter. First thing in the cup, a good teaspoons' worth of salt, then a little cream, and filling the cup up the rest of the way with coffee, I stirred it up good and then went and set it on the table in front of Peter. I went right back to get a cup of coffee for Adam, and then brought cream, honey and a spoons down to the table. Nothing happened for a little while, Adam mixed up his coffee and then passed everything to Peter. I guess Peter's cup was too full so he took a spoonful of coffee..... First his face had a slightly surprised look on it, (his first thought was that the coffee gone bad), and then he right about yelled, “WOW!!!!”. :-) Everybody but Ellie, I, Martha, and Cilla, looked at Peter surprised. “What's wrong with his coffee?” Mom asked me.
“Well.... it's a bit salty!”
What I didn't know is that while I was bringing the 'coffee pot' over, Ellie had added a teaspoon of baking soda. So I guess Peter's coffee was quite 'zingy' as well as salty. :-) I took his cup and after dumping it down the sink I brought the cup back and then poured him another cup of coffee. He fixed that one himself. :-)
Peter still claims he can't remember what I was getting him back for. One thing I do know, Peter's probably going to get me back good. I'm wondering what's it going to be. :-) As long as it doesn't include skidoos or boys, then I'm fine.
So maybe I should say, “Revenge is salty, zingy, and full of laughter”. :-)
~Still laughing, Lydia~


  1. He he, that was a good one. Reminds me of an "April fool" joke we played on our brothers once.

  2. Sounds like y'all had an enjoyable visit. In future visits, I bet Peter will be making his own coffee! :D

    I'll try and get your letter out soon. I'm sorry I haven't before now!

  3. Peter wasn't too sure about me giving him another cup of coffee after the first one, that's for sure! :-) I don't think I'll be letting him make me a cup of coffee for something like fifty years or so. LOL! His face was sooo funny! :-)