Wednesday, May 19, 2010

7 days until I leave for camp!!!

I'll soon be at camp! We leave on the 26th, F. Banga called to tell us he needs us asap. If I ride everyday, I can get Sonny's training done on the 25th. I'll have to figure out when to ride him on Sunday. We are having the Wolfmuellers, Fenskis and Steppans over for dinner, so I'll have to either ride before church or as soon as we get home, right before lunch. :-) I'll get it done though! :-) REALLY looking forwards to the homemade pizza and cheesecake! Plus Fenskis are bringing icecream and Wolfmuellers are bringing sherbert! I really hope that we can play a good game or two (or maybe something like 15 games!) of volleyball. :-)

Hannah sold Shilo last Saturday. So now we have 8 horses. Han also has her bay mare for sale. So if anyone is interested in a nice, well bred, bay, reg QH mare that is in foal to a buckskin paint stallion. Give Hannah a call or an email. Or you can contact me and I'll tell her. :-)

I'm probably going to dry Caresse up, she has only been giving one pint a milking, and we're wondering if she isn't a fall calf that was bred too young. So I'm going to try giving her some time to mature. Latte is doing really good. She gets sooo jealous if I feed Inky first. LOL!

But then Inky gets jealous when I feed Latte first. :-)

Esther's been giving ½ a gallon a milking for a while now. At least she's feeding her calf. :-) Ernie's been going from 2 pints (morning) to ½ a gallon (night) a milking. Sally is our only 'big' producer and she gives 1 ½ gallons a milking. We are feeding four calves half a gallon each morning and night, so we were bringing in around 1 gallon a day.

Last night Larry Primeau (preemo), brought over five gallons (their night's milking), so we were able to drink milk at breakfast! Yeah! :-) Plus we now have almost a whole gallon of cream! I can just taste the butter! LOL!

Galbraiths lent us a half Holstien cow. Dad went and picked her up this morning. Hopefully she'll bring our milk level up. :-)

Right before breakfast this morning I washed a couple of cinches down by the pump house. They were filthy! :-P Just dried mud and horse sweat, but they could have stood being washed a while ago. :-D They're fairly clean now.

Later on I ironed cloths and packed them. I'm starting to get excited! LOL! By the time the 26th rolls around I'll be jumping up and down, or just plain jitterey!

I hope ya'll have a wonderful summer! Talk to ya when hunting season comes! I might get an occasional post up throughout the summer. I hope I get the chance! But if I don't.... Keep safe!

Love ya'll! ~Lydia~


  1. I didn't realize you had that many milk many babies do you have? the one photo of the little calf is so cute!
    Hope your summer goes well for you, camp sounds exciting!

  2. Good to read an update from ya! Your calves are so darn cute! :) Glad you are getting more milk now with the half-Holstein.
    Have fun at camp!

  3. I should be able to leave a comment on here now that I have a google account. :) I do keep up with your blog, but couldn't leave comments. :)So I will try to from now on. Have fun at camp!

  4. We went out see some of the newer calves at my great-grandpa's pasture...too cute!

    Have fun at camp!