Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New animals...

Sonny. The latest horse I'm training. He's five years old, ¼ Percheron, 1/8 Saddlebred, and the rest QH. I guess you'd call him a sooty buckskin paint. I think he's one handsome dude, what about you? LOL! Just had a 'Martha flash' there! :-)

Golda. Cilla's early birthday present. She's one year old, 1/8 Saddlebred, and rest QH. (BTW, QH stands for Quarter Horse.) She's still wild, but I think she'll turn out to be quite sweet. I've been working with her to try and tame her so that Cilla can start working with her.

Shilo. Hannah's three year old paint filly. I'm putting some rides on her cause Hannah wants to sell her. She's a sweet heart! :-)

Caresse! This girl has gotten BIG! LOL! I'm hoping she has twins or something like that, because if that's one calf, it's going to be huge! Not so good for my little first time heifer. But I am looking forward to milking her. :-)


  1. did you get my email??
    let me know

  2. Saw on Naomi's blog where Caresse dropped her calf! Congratulations to the poor dear for finally getting rid of that load! She's HUGE in that picture.

  3. I remember some of our cows looking like Caresse! You were sure there were triplets inside. LOL!

  4. Miss Zara I did get you email. Caresse did have a beautiful heifer calf, Latte! She and 'Inky', Esther's heifer calf, are my charges. :-)