Wednesday, April 21, 2010


One night last week a C.O. (Conservation Officer) was the teacher at Hunter's Ed class, he talked about conservation. It was really good! It changed my perspective on C.O.s, and their jobs. In fact it changed my perspective of what I want to hunt this fall. I think I'll be going after whitetail deer. No moose, because their numbers are quite low this year. A result of two years of ticks (moose were dying by the grid roads, just skin and bones, covered with ticks), some hard winters, and extended hunting seasons. I reckon I can do my part in preserving our wildlife for future hunters. A couple more hard winters, lots of hunting, and maybe some ticks, could just wipe out the moose in the Porcupine Forest. That's not what I look forward to. We are truly blessed to have three Conservation Officers in our area, who are very concerned about our wildlife. They may come across as hard, nosy, officers, who are just digging into everybody's business, but they are really taking their jobs seriously. And they are concerned about where our wildlife is going. Really the late November moose season should be dropped until the moose numbers come back up. The ratio is supposed to be 3 cows to every bull, but right now it's 5 cows to every bull. A lot of cows are open, which is not good looking at all for the moose's future.
So I'm putting this on here just to say, the C.O.s are not just being nosy, they are trying to help hunters, so let's as hunters, help them the best we can. And let's think about the kids/grandkids we may have someday who will want to at least see a moose, better yet be able to hunt them. Maybe try just going after 'jumpers' this year. Oh, yeah! Don't forget to hammer as many geese as you can. Right now they are becoming an infestation. They really taste good too! :-) Well to some people they do. I personally love them! Mum, on the other hand, thinks they taste horrible! :-) LOL!
Preservation is not just a word, it is life now for the future.

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