Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is here!

Nothing much new going on here. We did have a new heifer on the 18th. Her name is Strawberry. She is really pretty. :-) Sara turned a year old on the 18th as well. On Saturday we went down to Melville and visited our friends, the Nasbys, there. Lots of music, food, and fellowship. :-) That night when we got home I checked the list of music players for church and found out that we were supposed to be doing the offertory! Yikes! Ellie and I practiced for about half an hour Sunday morning and ended up playing As The Deer, with the mandolin and guitar. It turned out alright I guess. :-)
Today we're in Swan River. Hannah and Naomi are getting/got braces, Mum and Zeke have dental work, and I got a checkup. :-) Lots of fun! Maybe....

BTW, the picture is of us kids and one of the Nasby boys (Aaron) last fall. He was reading 'lift the flap' books to us. ????? LOL! We do tend to get a bit crazy around them. :-) Just don't get the middle of a 'have you ever' game! You will be flat when it's over. Ouch!

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