Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hello all!
For the first time I can say 'Greetings from Saskatoon'.... Well for a month anyways. :-) I'm here training horses.
Elzea and Bonchimon. The two horses I'm breaking. In short summery, pushy and mouthy. But they are coming along. Bonchimon (the filly) is doing better than Elzea (the gelding), as she is more trusting. When Elzea gets nervous he starts biting and pawing. But Bonchimon tries to chew on me the whole time. Both need work on that. For the first day I'm very happy on how far they've come. I've been able to pet them everywhere but their back legs. Elzea doesn't really like me going behind his shoulders. But he is accepting it more and more. :-) I loaded and unloaded the truck a couple of times today. It has made me properly tired. :-)
How do you like the name, SHEWINAGAIN? I love names like that! She is a broodmare here. Actually, she's Bonchimon's mom. She's got a nice bay stud colt at her side right now. :-)
Going for now.


  1. Greetings from Nor Cal! :)
    Love the horses names' especially SHEWINAGAIN!
    Our friends have a new colt- name is Diamonte as he has a diamond on his nose. His mom is quarter horse and his dad is Andalusian which makes him an Azteca or something like that ;) He is really tall! and very cute.

  2. I want an Andalusian! :-) Actually I would like to get one, but that's 5000 dollars down the road, and after college. :-) I also want to get an Akhal-Teke, and a Mawari... and, and, and.... LOL! Too many breeds out there. :-) Same as dogs, when I get a dog I have no idea what breed I'll get. My first two choices would be Jack Russel Terrier or Miniture Poodle. :-) Too many choices in life. :-P
    BTW, I love the name Diamonte!
    How do you like the name Fandango? I guess it's a 'lively spanish folk dance'. I learned a tuned named 'Fandango', and it's more of a lullaby. I love it. Therefore I named my latest horse Fandango. She seems to have a nice floaty trot, seemed to fit her. But we'll see when she grows up and I break her to ride. :-)
    Enough of my horse rattling... I hope you've been doing well. :-) Okay, so I'm tired, I'm not wording things very well right now. :-P
    So I'll say 'G'evening' :-)

  3. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!And you didn't tell me?!?! Like can I come see you?

  4. If you wnat to navigate a muddy driveway. Sure! John's place is on the Pike Lake highway. (West side of Saskatoon) There's signs out saying 'Windy Acres'. I'll have to talk to Vicki about when you can come. I'm not sure what is happening in the near future.
    If you need better directions, well tell me, and then I'll get them from John or Vicki.