Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Horse Pictures

Here's some pictures of Bonchimon and Elzear the two colts I'm breaking. I hope you enjoy. :-)

Elzear. I think this is my favourite picture I took today.
Bonchimon. She's a very pretty horse. Hopefully she'll show lots of speed next year on the track.

Elzear is quite a bit flightier than Bonchimon.

Here's a body shot of Bonchimon. Probably not the best angle but it's what I have right now. :-)

For some reason I like this photo. I'm not sure why, but I do. :-)


  1. Is that a new header? ::likes::
    Those are some beautiful horses! Bochimon is soo pretty!

  2. I think I changed everything about a month or so ago, not quite sure. Yes Bonchimon is a beautiful horse. Elzear is built more 'square'. He looks more racehorseish to me than Bonchimon does. She has more rounded muscles... looks a bit Quarter Horsey. But I hope both of them do well on the track. Of course now they're both 'my' babies and I'm hoping they excell at whatever they do. :-)

  3. So these are the horses I was hearing about yesterday! :)

  4. They look sweet sista! I hope you're having lots of fun, sorry I haven't e-mailed you. My studying has been keeping me close to the desk. :-/ Oh well. sounds like you're having fun.