Sunday, October 10, 2010

Storms in Life

I was listening to a cd and started singing along with the song that was playing. As I was singing I had to pay attention to the words to know what to sing, that way I heard the amazing words to this song's chorus!
It takes a storm now and then to remind me to depend, to depend on the Lord, and to rest in His word. For in the wind and the rain, I learn to call on His name. And, I thank Him in my soul. It took a storm to make me strong. -
Storm Now and Then- Mosie Lister- Sang by the Booth Brothers on Carry On.
These words don't lie. I know that cause I have had storms in my life that have made me a stronger person. I posted on here a while ago about the bumps in my life making me trust in God more. I guess that's why these words grabbed my attention so much. Thank the Lord for singers who will sing about his wonderful goodness!

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