Friday, October 15, 2010

Tim Hortons

So here's Bekah and I in front of Tim Hortons! The best coffee place in Canada! ;-D I also love their honey crullers! I'll post another update here pretty soon. I should be going home on the 18th! So excited about that! :-) But I am a little sad to leave here too! Can't be two places at once though, just doesn't seem like it'd work. :-)
Okay enough smileys, and I'll leave you this for now!


  1. I have wished many time to be in 2 place at once, but alas it cannot be! *smile* safe travels home, btw. how far away are you from home?

  2. Thank you! :) I am about 3 hours from home. It's a little ways, but not too far.

  3. Not too far from home :)
    I haven't had their coffee but now that you mention coffee, I want some! I've been sick so I havent' had any in a long while.

  4. lol It was a surprise to log onto your blog and see my face staring back at me! :P But a pleasant surprise! I wish I could post pics on my blog...thanks for the last, lovely visit!

    I have finished reading the book and thought of you the whole time. :D