Monday, January 24, 2011

Smiles... It's warm out!

Warm snap!!! It’s too weird to have it only around -16 * F, it feels so warm! LOL! Hopefully today I’ll have time to go out and work with a horse or two, or, maybe all three. J I should take my camera out and take some pictures too.
We had a wonderful Sunday. The sermon was delivered by Mr. David Silvers, it was on how God shepherds us and how we know His voice. After church the Wolfmuellers came over for dinner and some coffee. All in all it was a very enjoyable day. J
The calves are looking better now. I’ve been feeding them about a quart of grain each, just some oats and a little bit of barley. My two favorite calves are Latte (who would have guessed that? :-P ) and Inky. Inky is still the cutest calf of the whole pack. She’s adorable; in looks that is… attitude? Well, we’ll just say she’s not quite as ornery as Latte. LOL! But the orneriest one of them all is Buttons. She’s out of Vanilla and has the exact same attitude. Don’t get too close to her hind feet, and I have to bring her grain to her every morning, she won’t come to the barn when I call.
Caresse has really filled out. I think she just about doubled her size this last fall, and now she is looking like a real Tarentaise. J I sold her to Ellie in the fall as I’d rather be working with horses, but she’s still my favorite cow. Hopefully Latte will end up looking like her.
Fandango is getting a lot friendlier. I still haven’t put a halter on her yet, but then, I haven’t done much with any of my horses lately, other than to feed them some carrots and crunchies.  Bucky’s attitude seems to be improving. He’ll follow me away from the herd when I’m leaving. He loves crunchies  (horse crunch feed), so I’m using them to my advantage. J
Everything has been going pretty smoothly around here. Ellie got an appointment in S’toon to see a specialist for her shoulder. I’m trying to arrange it so Bekah and I can meet and hang out together for a while. We’ll see what works out though.
 I guess I’ll sign out for now. Enjoy the warmer weather! ~Lydia~ 


  1. Hi Lydia!

    Isn't warm weather the best? :)

    I gave you a blog award...stop by my blog for details! :)


  2. Hey!

    It was great to see you! :):) I am so glad you were able to stop in for at least a while...even if our visit didn't include Tim Hortons, Ardenes, the color purple, or shipping. :P lol

    You will have to come again! :)

    Thanks for the visit. :)


  3. We're having our annual False Spring here; it's so warm; in the 60's (F) some days!!

    Cows are fun creatures :) Horses are too!

    I hope Ellie's appt. goes well; praying for her!

  4. Glad to know that it's warmed up some there. :-) Good to hear that Ellie's visit went well. I hope that she gets in before 3 months though. :-) Winter time would be best for her to be getting her shoulder worked on, not as much work needing to be done. :-) Keep up the good work with the horses. :-)