Thursday, January 13, 2011


Life continues on here even though it’s getting colder and colder. Dad got the decking done on us girls’ bunkhouse. The next thing to do is start putting up the log walls!
 Jesse is living in his bunkhouse and I’m pretty sure he’s enjoying the relief from the all us girls.
Hannah is back in college and working hard there. She and her friend had a close encounter with a moose on the way up there. Hannah, just having got her learners permit, was driving and they came upon a moose lying on the highway in their lane. It was dark so by the time they saw it Hannah had just enough time to swerve around it. It was a close call though, the moose’s nose smeared Sarina’s window! I can’t wait until the next time we can see them and hear Sarina tell the story! She’s the ‘awesomest’ story teller ever! J
Work at the butcher shop is going well. Ellie and I just started bringing our cd pack so we can listen to music while we’re working. J

The decking when it was half finished

Jesse's homemade wood stove

The ladder in Jesse's bunkhouse

The loft in Jesse's bunkhouse

Jesse's bunkhouse


SARA!!! She is so cute.. Well, at least I think so! :-)


  1. Brr, looks cold there but fun too!
    How do you like working at the butcher shop?
    I'm sure Jesse is Loving his bunkhouse! Looks like good progress is being made on yours.

    Sara is darling!! :)

    I can't wait to hear more about the moose story!

  2. It looks like it's freezing up there! Y'all stay wearm! :)

    Sara is too cute...looks like she's enjoying the snow! :)

  3. The bunkhouse is so neat! Wow! Good job! Oh and loved seeing so many pics. :)

  4. Thanks sis... for spreading that story about. LOL! You will have to wait till Sarina tells it, much better than I ever will. :-) Good to see pictures of the kids... and all that's being done on the bunkhouse. Tell Jesse he's an awesome brother and that bunkhouse looks swell. :-)

  5. Sara is so cute! Lol! I giggle every time I see that picture. :) :)

    Jesse's bunkhouse is looking even better than it did when we were up there. Good going there.

    And I love Hannah's moose story!

  6. I gave you an award, Lydia! Check out my personal blog for details! :)