Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well hello all! J
 How is it going in your part of the world? Here it’s still cold and snowy, but not too bad as far as the cold goes. The roads are a sheet of ice, at least the grid roads are. But the sun is shining and that improves the outlook on life a lot! J It’s funny how the sun can change your attitude. Give me a some sun and a bit of wind and I’m lovin’ life! Don’t ask about the wind part, I just love it! 
Hannah was down for a short ‘reading week’ but she went back to NBC yesterday. It was fun having her around again. Ellie and I had a couple of good deep girl talks with her. That was nice.  
 Other than that nothing much has been happening around here. 
                     Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. It IS amazing what a little sunshine can do for your soul! :)
    Glad to hear that you got to visit a bit with Hannah. Girl times are good times.

  2. Hey Lydia! Did you get my letter? :)

  3. Glad to hear you're doing well... and that you were able to have some great life-of-awesome-girl talks with Hannah. Those are priceless. :)

    I'm well here. :) Keeping busy. I need to get some cleaning done today.

    Be safe on the ice... :(